3 dos and DON’Ts from a relocation expert

Relocation is not an easy task. In fact, moving from Nashville to Atlanta can be pretty complicated, if you do not know the things to do and the things to avoid. Our experts share with you top 3 things they do or don’t while doing their job. 


1.Leave the boxes open

Do not rush to seal all the boxes as soon as they get stuffed with things. Leave them open. Later on you may regroup items to save space and make the most out of your packing supplies. 

2.Use clothes to pack breakables 

You can use your socks to pack away the cups and other clothing to wrap around the plates and other breakables. You may complement them with paper towels to lay them between the plates. This way nothing gets broken. 

3.Plan ahead of time

Take your time and actually write down and map out your moving plan. Then you get just few troubles along the way and avoid massive hassle. 


1.Don’t pack bottles or food breakables in your clothes

This is pretty obvious and still many people do it. If a bottle gets broken, you do not just lose its contents, but you ruin your wearables as well. 

2.Don’t water your plants before the move 

Yes, plants need water, but if you water them prior to move from Nashville to Atlanta, the soil gets messy. You may use hydro gel to keep them moist. 

3.Don’t get obsessed with fancy labeling

Labeling is important, but you get overdo with it. Do not waste your time on too much of it. Just pack similar stuff together and go from room to room. 

These pieces of expert advice on relocation from Nashville to Atlanta will help you to move in an expert style: well-planned, hassle free and easy!