Moving from Atlanta to Chicago

Moving from Atlanta to Chicago

Relocation from Atlanta to Chicago is a choice that is made by many people for a whole host of reasons. Some get good employment offers, some like the numerous universities in the Windy City, some appreciate the beauty of this original city, its architecture, attractions and parks. For whatever reason you decide that moving from Atlanta to Chicago is the idea for you the "Second City" offers a range of opportunities for all aspects of life. For example, where will your new home be? Chicago is a big city and divided into a collection of areas, each of which is like a small universe, sometimes radically different from other parts of the city but like all other neighborhoods it has everything you might ever need right on your doorstep.   household goods

If you are looking for beauty then Lincoln Park is one of the most beautiful and prestigious areas of Chicago. It is only a short drive from the business center and located along the scenic Lake Michigan. This area is also known for its restaurants and boutiques, great free zoo and the famous DePaul University which is one of the ten oldest business schools in the United States. And one of the best too.

Strolling along the cozy streets of Lincoln Park it is difficult to believe that back in 1820 the area was a wild green area of forests and swamps. The first European settlement here was a small United States Army position, built in 1824 on what is now Clybourn Avenue and Armitage Avenue (Centre Street). Along the Green Bay Trail (known today as Clark Street) was the location of an Indian village which later became incorporated into the city. In 1837, after the official founding of the city of Chicago, North Avenue became the northern frontiers of the "Windy City" and the price of land in the swampy region went up sharply. If you want to move from Atlanta to Chicago and live in this area today, I'm afraid to say that it does not come cheap for buying or renting housing. A second point of note about Chicago is that parking is somewhat limited. It is good advice to think about renting or buying a parking space for your car, as parking in the street in many districts is very difficult to find, especially at night time.

If you are looking for old world charm then Lincoln Park is the place to end up. Littered with gray stone houses (in the form of small castles), Victorian-style villas and smaller apartment buildings it is a true slice of historic living. You might find however that many basements and first floors of the houses on the main streets are usually offices for lawyers and doctors, beauty salons, as well as small family restaurants and cafes. Looking for something with a better view? Then try Luxury Park, which stretches along Lake Michigan for nearly 5 kilometers and is the biggest park in Chicago. Its area includes about 20 baseball and basketball courts, over 30 tennis courts, volleyball courts, golf courses, beaches and even parking for yachts. The park is also home to botanical gardens, the zoo and several museums and theaters. Now who wouldn’t want to live there?

Among the most expensive areas of the city is Beverly Hills. Not to be confused with the West coast district bearing the same name. This district got its name in the late 19th century thanks to its hilly status and being "the highest point of Chicago." A little later the prestigious Longwood Drive was built. There is even a reproduction Irish castle here. It was built in the 19th century by American businessman Robert Givens for his Irish bride. Enamored with her culture he built an exact copy of an Irish castle for his bride to convince her to move to the United States. Residents of the city believe that the ghost of the Irish beauty is still haunting the corridors of the castle and many legends are told about it.

Looking for something a little more modest and are wondering what other districts in the city are worth the trip from Atlanta to Chicago? Well take Lakeview as an example. This is the hippest and most young influenced area of Chicago. It is here that the majority of festivals and parades are held. Lakeview with its youth development infrastructure with bars and nightclubs also has everything a family would want. It is located close to beautiful beaches, excellent transport links and many attractions. With great house prices it is the perfect location for many.

Uptown Chicago is one of the northern coastal areas of Chicago with access to Lake Michigan. The last century was a golden era for this region with jazz concerts, silent films and movie making in the streets. The Uptown district has had something of a turbulent past but today Uptown is one of the main entertainment districts of Chicago with hundreds of cafes and bars, night clubs, gangster tours, theaters and sport bars. Welcome to modern Uptown. This part of Chicago has truly preserved the spirit of the past centuries with many of the buildings almost asking you to stop and look at them and absorb the historic atmosphere.

So if you are looking for a brighter future then start your Atlanta to Chicago move today.

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