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Moving from Atlanta to Nashville

Moving from Atlanta to Nashville

The most convenient way to transport yourself and your belongings for a relocation from Atlanta to Nashville is by cars, and trucks for bulky items. In total you will spend about four hours on the road, assuming of course that there will be no traffic jams at the exit of Atlanta, and at the entrance into Nashville. Try to play your journey so that you don't leave or arrive during rush hour or you could be in for a delay which is not something you want when you are moving home.  household moving goods

Before you pack all your bags and carry them over to the car for transportation, make sure you have solved any issues that have arisen and make sure your new home is ready for you. With any luck you will have been down to take a closer look a few days in advance to make sure that everything is ready for your arrival. When you move from Atlanta to Nashville, or from anywhere to anywhere in fact, it is always good advice to make sure that everything is as ready as possible and any eventualities covered long before you actually pack up your belongings. This often overlooked piece of advice has saved people a lot of time, headaches and heartaches, not to mention a lot of cash.

If you have children, try to plan in advance which school you would like them to go to and maybe arrange a visit. I know kids are never happy to start a new school but parental piece of mind is worth its weight in gold. Take a look at the websites of these schools and talk to the parents of children who already go there. Thanks to this modern wonderful age we live in school forums for parents are the right place to get any information from a parent's point of view.

Next on the agenda is location. If you have always wanted to live near a large park so that you can enjoy a morning stroll or even a run well moving from Atlanta to Nashville is the right choice and the right place to make this happen. Big regeneration projects if the last few years mean that almost all regions of Nashville have access to excellent park facilities which are clean and safe. When it comes to moving the only question that is important is "what do I want?". Make a list of things that you would most like and then try to find the home that covers the most important aspects such as; What do you want to see outside the window? The lights of skyscrapers or green gardens with flowers? Where and with whom would you like to go in the evening? To the Museum of Contemporary Art with a friend with whom you are studying at the Faculty of Design, to the best bar in town with friends or to the playground with your children? Perhaps you are looking to live near some of the better schools? Whatever your desires THIS is the opportunity to make them happen.

By the way, speaking about education, even at the dawn of its development, by the 1850's Nashville had many educational institutions for which it was awarded the proud nickname of "Athens of the South" and just like the birthplace of schools back in ancient Greece this Southern city is helping create some of the world's finest scholars. Later, in the end of 19th century Nashville acquired the structure that has become one of the cities main attractions - The Parthenon (which by the way is an exact replica of the Athenian Parthenon).

Today the city has a very strong educational system. There are more than a dozen colleges, universities, medical and law schools as well as high quality business educations. On the cultural side is Tennessee Performing Arts Center and many schools have art galleries that are famous worldwide. Lots of young people head from Atlanta to Nashville to try their luck at the prestigious higher educational institutions of the city such as the fantastic Vanderbilt University. The university is named after Cornelius Vanderbilt, one of the richest and most successful entrepreneurs of the 19th century. From what we know, after returning from a trip on his personal yacht Vanderbilt found that the agents who were suppose to manage transportation across Nicaragua during his absence were playing a double game and they were trying to take Vanderbilt‘s company from under him. Furious, the magnate decided not to initiate a lawsuit, but to solve the problem his way. He created an alternative route through Panama and greatly reduced prices. Within a year his opponents had surrendered, unable to out-business him. Shortly thereafter, in 1873, Vanderbilt opened a rail link between New York and Chicago, and donated $ 1 million to build what is now the Vanderbilt University.

Today more than 12 thousand students from 90 countries are studying at the university, trying to become as smart and successful as its founder. Many of them have succeeded. Among the graduates of the university and its branches are 2 Vice President of the United States, 25 people who have received the Rhodes scholarship, 7 Nobel laureates and countless winners of Pulitzer Prizes and even an "Oscar".

So maybe it is time you made your mark by starting with that Atlanta to Nashville move. You just never know what is around the corner.

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