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Moving from Boston to Chicago

Moving from Boston to Chicago

In the world there are no two people who love completely the same things. So how does someone go about choosing between Boston and Chicago as a preferred city? And w does the person who decided to move from Boston to Chicago need to know?

First, what is the distance that you need to overcome to get to your dream city? Well for one thing there is a time difference between the 2 cities of 1 hour. On arrival in Illinois, you will need to move your watch back 1 hour. The distance between Boston to Chicago is about 850 miles (if you fly) and about 1,000 miles if you prefer to drive. For those who do prefer the road trip method the journey will take about 15 hours, not including time for stops and breaks. So let's see what places you might like to stop for a rest, and possibly spend more than 1-2 hours. After all, moving does not have to be a race for survival. This may well be a fascinating journey. Just give it a chance.  household goods

So, from the choice of directions, let's look at the shortest, which is 980 miles and passes along the shores of Lake Erie. The shores of this lake wash along two countries at once, America and Canada and it belongs to the Great Lakes system, which form the largest group of freshwater lakes in the world. If we compare them they comprise of 21% of the fresh water in the world and 84% of the fresh water in North America. Accordingly the area of Erie ranks 11th among the lakes of the world (including the Caspian Sea!) and 4th among US lakes. Following the path from Boston to Chicago, you can get a good look at this wonderful lake and appreciate its beauty and grandeur even if you don't get chance to stop and test the water.

Other than the lakes you will of course pass many cities and you have the opportunity to choose which of them to stop in for a short rest or a longer stay, maybe with a tour of the local sights. For example, take a breakfast break in Springfield, the city that gave the game of basketball to the world. In 1891, James Naismith a school teacher of Physical Education invented the game for his students, which later became one of the most popular sports in the world. In 1959, the city opened the Basketball Hall of Fame and Springfield is home Forest Park, to one of the largest municipal parks in the country.

The city of Albany, capital of the State of New York is also worth making a long stop at. Albany is one of the oldest surviving European settlements from the Thirteen Colonies and the oldest continuously inhabited city in the United States. Old buildings and interesting buildings have been preserved in this city along with a culture embedded with pride and historical reverie.

For those people that love something a bit different then a visit to Syracuse in the central part of New York State is a must. The local regions around the city are rich with sources of salt - as well as the site of ancient Syracuse which was home to the Onondaga people who were a part of the great Iroquois Confederacy. However this city is most famous as a center of salt production. These local salt sources met the needs of the whole country right up until 1870. More than that though, the city is also known for some of its residents. The most famous native of Syracuse is the actor Tom Cruise with Richard Gere also graduating from school here.

Moving from Boston to Chicago you will also pass the city of Buffalo, located on the eastern shore of Lake Erie on the right bank of the Niagara River, not far away from the famous Niagara Falls - a complex of 53 meter high waterfalls. You will be able to see and hear it even from a distance: a cloud of steam appearing before you and sound of water smashing can be heard. If you have time for a tour, you can see Niagara Falls from a height like a bird in flight, rising by helicopter, or from the bottom, sailing on a boat but plan to get wet! At the foot of the falls is the "Cave of the Winds", where visitors descend by a special elevator. Every traveler receives a raincoat and a bag for their clothes, because it is simply impossible to stay dry near Niagara Falls.

After traveling along the shores of Lake Erie, you can even make a stop in the city of Toledo. If you want to learn more about the lakes next to which you will live, we advise you to visit The National Museum of the Great Lakes which is located in International Park. Toledo is also a city-discoverer of architectural style. Here, the first building completely covered with glass was built on the 15th of January 1936. Its opening was a milestone in architectural design, which has become so popular in America.

Generally, not long after completing your relocation from Boston to Chicago you will understand that there are just so many interesting places in and around Chicago and its suburbs which are worth seeing and experiencing. You just need to choose a convenient time.

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