Moving from Boston to Miami

Moving from Boston to Miami

The Atlantic coast has become a place for the development and prosperity of the two most major cities in America - Boston and Miami. The distance between them along the coastline is nearly fifteen hundred miles. If you were to choose to fly, this journey will take about three and a half hours. For the more adventurous the trip from Boston to Miami by car takes more than 22 hours meaning that if you are planning this big trip, take at least four days for it. But if you can spend more time on this journey, do it. After all, the Boston to Miami road route is full of interesting places that are worth a visit. This is New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, Richmond, Fayetteville, Savannah, Jacksonville and Orlando we are talking about after all.  moving household

Depending on what kind of lifestyle you want to lead in Miami, where to work and what kind of hobbies to have check in advance which area of Miami will be best for you to rent or buy a home. If you want to become an islander, look towards Miami Beach. This is a fairly large island with a lot of interesting places on it. It represents a kind of barrier between the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay, which mainland Miami is located behind. There are three parts to Miami Beach: South Beach, Mid-Beach and North Beach.

South Beach is a world famous tourist destination. It is a small area where each attraction is located within walking distance. South Beach is a mix of the best beaches, hotels, nightclubs, boutiques, trendy cafes. This place has the Art Deco District, where a huge number of buildings are designed in this style. North Beach has many excellent small restaurants, and parks.

If you want to move from Boston to Miami to find a quiet place for family life, look at Mid-Beach and Surfside located between Bal Harbour and North Beach. It has a broad line of beautiful beaches and its population is about five thousand inhabitants, mostly retired people and young families. The area has many houses built in the Art Deco style, and the streets are named after famous writers and poets, including Abbott, Byron, Carlyle and Dickens. Just south of Surfside Park is where North Shore Open Space is located, which has many beautiful hiking trails. It is here that you can find unspoiled natural beaches and picnic area.

Residential Island, known also as the Bay Harbor Islands is a real community of fine homes, luxury condominiums and apartments. There are many retail shops, restaurants, local government agencies and professional companies. The Bay Harbor Islands are recognized as the perfect place where you can not just live and work, but also perfectly spend your free time. The fairly close location of South Beach and the Bal Harbour upscale shopping mall also help it as well.

Your relocation from Boston to Miami allows you not only to find the perfect place to live, but also to significantly diversify your diet with healthy fresh food. Fans the proper nutrition will appreciate the fact that many fruits and vegetables are grown near Miami and you can buy them all, fresh, almost straight from the tree. There is nothing the people of Miami love more than fresh home grown produce. In March, you can buy cantaloupes. In April, blueberries, melons, watermelons are ripe for the picking. May is the time to buy newly ripe mango, peaches and plums. The beginning of summer will give you a new crop of avocados, dragon fruits and passion fruits. Finally, raspberries, squash and bananas will be ripe in the middle and end of summer and they will be available for purchase to help you cook some delicious juices and desserts to treat you family and loved ones with.

Staying in Miami also will allow you to touch… the tropical and African lifestyle. For example, there is actually a safari near the city. By car you can drive a meter away from African lions or giraffes. The park fully conveys the feeling that you are in Africa as rhinos, zebras, elephants and monkeys walk past your car windows. In another park, you can not only see exotic animals, but also birds and fish in habitats that are very close to their natural ones.

Miami is a place with plenty of opportunities for moving from place to place: using buses (including special tourist ones), taxis, rental cars and even bicycles. When moving from district to district pay attention to one fundamental difference in the system of public urban transport in Miami. Due to the thin layer of limestone underneath the city it became impossible to build the metro underground meaning that their metro is all above ground level with trains that are driverless and controlled automatically. If you are able to get a seat in the first carriage then you will be provided with an unforgettable panorama of the city.

So get ready for the decision of a life time. Moving from Boston to Miami might just be the idea that changes your while perspective on life. Nothing says Sun, fun and plums like Miami Florida.

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