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Moving from Boston to Philadelphia

Moving from Boston to Philadelphia

Traveling from Boston to Philadelphia has often been romanticized as a journey from the ocean to the river banks. But in modern terms this trip can be made in several ways, the fastest of which is flying by plane naturally, but the best and the most scenic way to get there is by car. These two methods of overcoming the 850 miles gap (which is the Boston to Philadelphia distance) also vary in the amount of time you will need to spend on them. If you choose to fly it will roughly take an hour and a half in the air plus airport times. If your choice is the car, which I personally recommend, the trip takes a little over five hours plus whatever time you want to spend stopping and enjoying yourself. Of course you can cover this distance in a single day, or you can schedule a stop in one of the cities along the way and explore its attractions and generally have a good time of it. After all, why can't a relocation be enjoyable?  household

There is a good choice of stopping places along the route to Philly with Worcester, Hartford, Stamford, New York and Trenton being among them. It is pretty much down to individual choice whether you want to make a few short stops or if you prefer to spend a little more time in these locations to do some sightseeing, dining out and generally getting to know some new and interesting places.

Worcester is the second most populous city of Massachusetts (after Boston). If during the time while you were living in Boston you did not have a chance to visit this city, try to fix it while you are moving from Boston to Philly. I guarantee you won't be sorry. Your first port of call should be the famous Bancroft Tower which is located in Salisbury Park. This 17 meter high structure made of granite is very much like a hybrid of a tower and a small medieval castle. You can also stroll along Green Hill Park - the largest park in the city. If you want to learn something new about the world in which you live, you might be interested in visiting The EcoTarium museum which is full of information and interactive displays about a vast array of topics from geography, dinosaurs, music, planets and even animals.

Hartford city, the capital of the State of Connecticut is full of interesting and beautiful places. It holds within its historic area the house of Mark Twain. This three-storey house with 19 rooms was built in 1874 in the Victorian style and has stood the test of time. It was here that the writer penned is famous written works such as "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer", "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn", "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court", and many others. This fantastic little city should definitely be on your visit list if you love history.

In the same state there is another large city called Stamford. The city's proximity to New York has been good for its development and over the years the city has developed an effective infrastructure and offers many opportunities for short and long stays, starting from the numerous cafes and restaurants and ending with all sorts of parks, fountains and ponds with great views. If you are looking for a relaxing afternoon stop you can't go wrong with Cumming Parks. This stretch of beach is ideal to wander along, or relax and have a swim.

New York has many attractions that are obviously worth seeing, however, if you plan to make your move from Boston to Philadelphia during the course of a single day, you probably will have no time to see even a small selection of those sights. But even a short walk through the streets of the city will allow you to enjoy the atmosphere of the metropolis to take some photos. If you are thinking of stopping anywhere within NYC then I suggest you plan to stay overnight and take a full day to enjoy the delights on offer and enjoy some of the more famous places.  

Trenton is also a very beautiful city with an interesting history. The main attraction of the city is the 45-meter tall Trenton Battle Monument which commemorates the battle of Trenton, fought in December 1776 and played a major pivotal role in the American revolutionary war. Among other architectural attractions of the city are well preserved old barracks, which is where the British troops lived during the Seven Years' War and the oldest house in the city that belonged to the famous Philadelphia landowner William Trent who was originally a successful trader in furs and tobacco. Such was his success that he owned a fleet of some 40 ships which sailed the coastlines of the continent and across to Europe.

So, now that you have had a taste of the places on offer all you need to do is to decide which of these cities is the most interesting for you and to plan your visit on the way to the City of Brotherly Love which will very soon become your new home. Perhaps like William Trent, your relocation from Boston to Philadelphia could change you life in as yet unimaginable ways. Either way you are sure of a bright future and a wonderful life.

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