Moving from Boston to San Francisco

Moving from Boston to San Francisco

When it comes to searching for a residence that is right for you it pretty much comes down to personal preference and the needs of the searcher. With so many options these days even the process of choosing the perfect location can be a daunting task, even narrowing the list to a single city. Each city had its own history of development and relations with neighboring territories and cities in America are so diverse that moving from one state to another state or from one city to another city, it is easy to notice the tangible differences in the architecture, population, price policy, culture and lifestyle. This is especially noticeable during long distance moves, such as that from Boston to San Francisco.  household moving goods

Many people often consider the city of San Francisco as a potential place of residence. There is something about it which gets into the hearts and minds of American people. It is the gem of the West Coast, the city surrounded and washed by the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean. It is rightfully called one of the most beautiful places in the United States by people who love to travel, as well as for those who like a quiet quality restful vacation. Imagine how cool it would be to live here among the diverse cultured locals, the tourists and the famous!

However, apart from the choice of the city in which you want to live, you have to make another choice, which is more detailed. We are talking about the area where you will live. San Francisco is divided into dozens of areas which are definitely not similar to each other. Which one would be the perfect place for your home after your relocation from Boston to San Francisco?

Maybe it could be Sunset which is the largest district of San Francisco, located in the central-western part of the city. Once only sand dunes were in the place we now call Sunset, and today it is a developed residential and commercial area which is thriving and expanding daily. In the north this region is the amazing Golden Gate Park and to the west is where you will find the Pacific Ocean and its bounty of amenities. The eastern and southern boundaries of the area are a little bit blurred because of expansion into surrounding regions and even Sunset itself is divided into two parts. Inner Sunset is located closer to the center of city life and away from the ocean. Students, who have made the Boston to San Francisco journey to go to the fantastic University of California, often live here, closer to their alma mater. Nearby there is a vast park area where students can relax during breaks from their studies in the bosom of nature and in the evening the lights and noise of the big city attract them. Outer Sunset is always a little hazy with the scent of the sea as it stretches along the shore of the Pacific Ocean. This area is very different from the city center. In comparison it is always quiet and peaceful and the streets full of shops with fresh farm products, modest restaurants and inconspicuous cafes. Families with children prefer this district of for a comfortable and slightly less hectic lifestyle.

Creative people who move from Boston to San Francisco and prefer a more vibrant and dynamic area often head to The Mission. This picturesque area in the eastern part of San Francisco is a charming corner of the city where a variety of subcultures and ethnic groups coexist peacefully. This area is like a melting pot. It has everything from expensive restaurants to simple bars and street food. Here, shelves cluttered with baskets of products are side by side with colorful exquisite shops. It is the best location to find dozens of top-notch Mexican eateries and many restaurants which serve Guatemalan, Nicaraguan and Salvadoran food, as well as traditional places for French, Chinese and Italian cuisine. If you love vibrant city life and great food then this is definitely the location for you.

The Mission District is different from other parts of San Francisco as highlighted by its colorful painted houses and buildings. This work by Latin American artists and activists refers to movements in the 1970s. There are dozens of art studios, galleries and exhibition grounds. If you are moving from Boston to San Francisco to join the contemporary art movement then you may want to take part in this meeting of poets, musicians and artists. Just take a map, find the intersection of Mission Street and 16th and voila! Here you are in art nirvana.

Another distinctive area of San Francisco, is The Castro. This is the legendary district which is very popular among sexual minorities around the world. In the 1970s, gay bars were opened here and gradually the cultural center of the homosexual movement was formed. At night, Castro is incredibly crowded and some of the best in bars and nightclubs San Francisco open their doors.

So if you are looking for the real American dream where everyone is welcome and anything is possible then there is no better place to find it than in the Paris of the West. 

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