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Moving from Charlotte to Raleigh

Moving from Charlotte to Raleigh

Many residents of North Carolina are moving from one city to another within the state and why do they do that you may ask yourself. Well mainly I would have to say that it is because North Carolina is the most scenic, surprising and prosperous location in the whole country. But it could also be the generous welcoming nature of the people and the wonders on offer that attracts. Among the most popular moves within state is the Charlotte to Raleigh move. Charlotte and Raleigh are the two largest cities of the state and the distance between them is only 143 miles.  moving quote

Raleigh is the capital and second largest city in the state as well as one of the fastest growing cities in the country and unlike Charlotte it still offers big city opportunities with that small town community feel.

A relocation from Charlotte to Raleigh can be done in any number of ways. The city of Raleigh is served by Raleigh-Durham International Airport which is a major airport that provides flights to 38 domestic and international destinations and has an overall passenger traffic quantity of about 10 million people per year. If you would like to get to Raleigh while spending the minimum amount of time in transit, you can take a flight from Charlotte. The flight itself takes about 45 minutes, but as always you will need to add some time for registration before the flight and for getting your baggage afterwards but overall it is a very efficient way to get there. If you are moving a lot of belongings then you will have to book air-freight for transportation which can be a little costly if you are not careful.

The train is by far the most popular means of transport in order to cover the distance from Charlotte to Raleigh. Raleigh Train Station one of the busiest in the South and serves a link to many destinations. In addition to traveling to Charlotte, you can go also go to New York (via Richmond, Washington, Baltimore and Philadelphia) and Miami (via Colombia, Savannah, Jacksonville, Orlando and Tampa). With many daily trains to and from Charlotte it is easy to get everything you own from one place to the other with a minimum of fuss and to a reasonable schedule.

Bus lines also connect Raleigh with many cities in the South, Midwest and East Coast. On the way the bus makes stops at stations where you can have something to eat. The only downside to taking a bus is the limited luggage room so you will need alternative baggage transport.

Finally, a lot of highway passes Raleigh, meaning that moving from Charlotte to Raleigh by car often be the best choice. This journey will last about three hours but the direct connection means it is an easy trip. If you plan to self-drive a truck then the whole move can easily be done in a day with time to spare.

When in the city a car is a great way to get to work or to explore the area but before you think that this is the only way remember that Raleigh represented by 43 bus routes from the company Capital Area Transit meaning that public transportation is a very efficient cheap way to get around. If you plan to use the buses almost every day, it is best to buy a travel card.

Raleigh is a city where the authorities pay great attention to improving its facilities for pedestrians and cyclists meaning that many people, especially students, travel around the city by bicycles or even walk. If the distance is short it is often better to go on foot and enjoy how very beautiful and green the city is. It is not by chance that it is famous for its oak groves and has the nickname "Oak Town".

A job search in Raleigh should not take a long time. The city has a good diverse economy. The main sectors of this are the banking and financial services, energy, medical, electronic and telecommunication equipment, clothing and footwear, food processing, paper products, and pharmaceuticals. Raleigh is part of the technology park Research Triangle, which specializes in electronics, biotechnology and textile industries.

The role of the public sector in the economy of the city is very high and provides up to one third of jobs. But before you go thinking that it is uncaring international businesses that are the only employers around the consider this: Seven of the ten largest employers in the city are state organizations.

A move from Charlotte to Raleigh means a move to a city full of museums and attractions. The most interesting of which are the North Carolina Museum of History and the North Carolina Museum of Natural Science. Be sure to visit them. The North Carolina Museum of Art is one of the leading art museums in the south of the United States and comprises a collection that includes exhibits from the last 5000 years - from antiquity to the present day.

Besides, downtown often becomes a venue for concerts, performances, club parties and exhibitions. You can find information about them in local newspapers or on the Internet. In any case, you will not be bored in Raleigh. With beauty around and opportunities within Raleigh is the perfect destination.

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