Moving from Chicago to Cleveland

Moving from Chicago to Cleveland

There are various reasons why people think that a relocation from Chicago to Cleveland is right for them. It could be a fabulous new job offer that you wouldn’t want to miss, the desire to put your skills to use to help somewhere on its way to economic development and the growth of production or simply the desire to start a new life in another city.  moving quote

Cleveland, the second largest city in Ohio, located on the shore of Lake Erie, one of the Great Lakes, and nestled between Pittsburgh and Detroit. The neighborhood is quite significant; these cities have much in common in their history of development. Each of them was faced with a powerful industrial development at the beginning of the last century and then each of them, in their own way, had to cope with the economic decline following the Great Depression. But nowadays things are very different. Thanks to ongoing regeneration projects all over the region both these great cities are enjoying a boom in both the employment markets and general desirability for new tenants and tourists alike.

As far as the latter is concerned the favorable geographical location and well-developed rail connection helped Cleveland become a major industrial center. It was rightly considered a city of millionaires. In the early 20th century, Cleveland was among the five most populated cities in the United States. During the Great Depression the decline of heavy industry and the city development in the general took its toll. The crisis and the loss of the heavy automotive industry seriously affected the region meaning the city lost a significant part of the population with the middle class and affluent residents leaving and moving to live in the suburbs. But this is not as bad as it may sound. With the new vacant lots in the city center rejuvenation was made all the easier meaning that Cleveland has bounced back strong and better than most places in the US.

It may surprise a lot of people to know that Cleveland is actually highly regarded for the quality of its medical services. This is largely due to the fact that the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic is based in the city. This hospital was founded in 1921 by four doctors who wanted to make a difference in the world. After the Second World War, the clinic specialized in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and is the undisputed leader in this field. Throughout its history the clinic doctors here have continually made many major medical breakthroughs. For example, in 1947 was the discovery of serotonin. In 1950, carpal tunnel syndrome was diagnosed as a treatable condition and several major operations were performed for the first time in this clinic.

When it comes to traveling, the Chicago to Cleveland distance you need to plan for is a 300 mile journey. So you are looking at about a 6 hour journey by truck and car. If you prefer to travel a little quicker then the train is always a great option. You can even travel a day ahead and meet you baggage when it comes off the overnight freight train making your relocation that much easier. Or if you are really in a hurry you can always fly. Both these transport hub cities have multiple daily flights to get you there quickly.

The shortest route is approximately 343 miles and will take about 5 and a half hours. On the way you will need to make several stops to take a break and stretch your legs.

An ideal first stop can be made at South Bend. There are plenty of cafes and restaurants and friendly staff. If you need a breath of fresh air, there many parks and recreational area within the city limits.

Alternatively you can stop at Maumee, which is a residential area of Toledo, located on the western shore of Lake Erie at the mouth of the river Maumee. Nearby is one of the most picturesque places in the city, The RA Stranahan Arboretum, maintained by the University of Toledo. There also The National Museum of the Great Lakes is located. You can find it in the International Park, across from downtown Toledo along the Maumee River.

In truth there are many great places to stop when moving from Chicago to Cleveland but really what most people want to know is "what will it be like when we get there?".

Many tourists and home movers, including those who move from Chicago to Cleveland note that the downtown region is a successful and well-developed area with the central city square being the real heart of Cleveland.

To the north of the central square is the administrative Civic Center, containing the heart of the financial sector and the City Hall but, oddly enough, the Civic Center is best known for its elegantly landscaped parkland, covered with rich greenery.

An important word of advice to anyone making the change from Chicago to Cleveland is to be aware in advance the area and suburb you plan to move to. Cleveland is a city on the rise meaning that there is a lot of regeneration work going on meaning that some areas can and will be noisy and full of building works traffic for a few years to come but if you are willing to persevere then you will see that the wait is worth the effort. 

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