I did my little research first and decided to give a try to this company. They were nice when talking to me on the phone. I asked them some questions and they quickly got back to me with their quote. I hoped they would work as neat and quick, too. And, they did. I recommend them to all those planning to move.
Bill P.
I moved from Chicago to Detroit. It’s not just few boxes, but the whole house. It deemed it would be a nightmare, but these guys worked very professionally. Nothing got broken or lost. I arrived in time to settle down and take new position at the company. Thank you is what I can honestly say to these movers.
Mark Spotz
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Moving from Chicago to Detroit

Moving from Chicago to Detroit

If you are choosing Detroit as a place for permanent residence, be sure that your new home will be in the area in which you will feel comfortable but a lot of people don't know that perhaps Detroit deserves the title of "city of contrasts" more than any other city in America. So, what do you need to know about this place in connection with moving from Chicago to Detroit?

Well firstly the city's population is around 700,000 people, with more than 4 million living in the Detroit metropolitan area making it considerably smaller than Chicago. Some parts of the city more populated while others a very quiet, either through people moving to suburbs or due to regeneration projects. Comparatively with other US cities, most people live in single storey suburban houses which were originally built for industrial worker families who moved here in the 1950's. But with ongoing development projects the urban landscape is changing everyday with old style buildings being replaced by ultra-modern suburban family housing.  household

A good point to mention in Detroit's favor is the cost of living. Many working citizens here are more than satisfied with their salaries, while the cost of living in Detroit is much lower than in other major cities. Some suburbs of Detroit such as Bloomfield Hills and Barton Hills have some of the highest rates in the US for income per capita while others are still suffering from the economic downturn. In general, you can see that as with many things in our lives, a relocation from Chicago to Detroit has its pros and cons.

I can't pretend that Detroit hasn't seen some bad times in recent years but as with everything in life it is not how you fall but how well you get back up. And it is this attitude that perfectly sums up Detroit. The Urban environment of the city still has great production potential. Detroit is not only home to major car companies but there are over 4,000 manufacturing factories working and thriving in the area. The re-growth has also stimulated other important industrial sectors of the city including trade, transportation, business and professional services, medicine and finance and most importantly the construction industry which is seeing record demand.

Over the past few decades, the federal government, the state and the city government, as well as some well placed enthusiasts continue to try to make the city cost effective. For this reason alone many people have made their move from Chicago to Detroit to benefit from this. One of the latest initiatives of the 2000s was the creation and construction of several casino resort complexes with Motor City Casino, MGM Grand Detroit and Greektown Casino-Hotel turning out to be the most popular among locals and visitors. These resorts with world-class clubs and restaurants, offering accommodation, entertainment and gaming have shown the local business community that there are more ways to generate income than heavy plants and so a drive towards commerce and tourism was born. There is something very special about the mindset of the people here that make them able to turn their hand to anything.

An interesting project is currently being implemented in the region by businessman Dan Gilbert, the owner of Quicken Loans Inc. Over the past several years he has become one of the largest landowners in Detroit and his ventures in the city has provided much needed funding. In fact he has purchased and upgraded more than 60 facilities in the city center that in total cost about $1.3 billion which has helped boost the local economy. In order to accelerate the development of the city Gilbert transferred his employees to the renovated building. That is about 12 thousand people. He also persuaded Chrysler, Microsoft and Twitter to follow his example. In total Gilbert found over a hundred tenants, including small start-ups, larger enterprises and his own companies to not only fill the spaces but to ensure the stability of the city economy. His business ventures offer not only lower prices for the rental facilities but also provides a unique opportunity to build a new type of city, which the younger generation dreams of, to make an original, inspirational, stylish and cheap city that is beneficial to all. This idea has inspired many people to seek out employment in downtown Detroit once again showing what this magical city is capable of. Experts of fields across the economy are heading from Chicago to Detroit to contribute to the restoration of one of the most interesting cities in America.

Detroit has always retained part of its cultural heritage and it gained the fame of the city having which is of constant interest among tourists and business people alike from all over the world. So much so that every year about 16 million tourists come to Detroit to witness the city people talk so much about. So maybe it is time you thought about stepping in and reaping the rewards? After all Chicago to Detroit is not that far.

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