Moving from Chicago to Los Angeles

Moving from Chicago to Los Angeles

Moving from Chicago to Los Angeles pretty much sums up what is called a long distance move. The distance between these two cities is about 2,000 miles, and the journey, if you self-drive, takes about 30 hours. That's a pretty long time, so if you are planning to travel by road, try to have at least two people in the car that can drive. In this case the stress on the driver will not be so large and your journey will be that much safer. Of course, if you are traveling in the company of four people, each of whom has a driver's license, then the trip will be even easier. But not everyone is lucky enough to have the people who will agree to such a trip.  household goods

Along the way you are going to need to make many stops to rest, to eat and to stretch your legs. It is also advisable to make a longer stop to sleep in a comfortable bed because sleeping in the car can help pass the time, but it definitely does not help the relaxation factor.

Your road route from Chicago to Los Angeles is likely to pass through the states of Kansas, Colorado, Utah and Nevada.

The first place you will come across is Kansas, located in the Great Plains region and is almost directly in the center of the country. There are many historical monuments in Kansas including The Santa Fe Trail, the forts of Larned and Scott, as well as the Tallgrass prairie National Park. The reserve was set up to protect the tall prairie ecosystem that once covered the entire North American continent. Currently, prairies cover only about 4% of our country’s territory.

Colorado State is famous for its museums, parks and places for excavating dinosaurs. There is a huge park, "the Dinosaur National Monument", dedicated to the discoveries of bones and skeletons of dinosaurs and a smaller park, "the Dinosaur Ridge", where you can see fossilized bones in the fractures of the rocks. But that is not all. The mountains in this area are made of red sandstone, which has acquired quite bizarre shapes as a result of a long process of weathering. Along the roads that wind around the twisted rocks are particularly beautiful place where you can find small areas where you can stop and take some amazing pictures. The popularity of this state among tourists means that almost the entire northern part of the state is one big resort area saturated with mountain hotels, guest houses, sports and leisure facilities. Which is more than a good enough reason to stop and look around.

Scenic Utah is located among spacious plateaus and rugged mountain ranges. With a huge number of attractions, magnificent views and unique nature paired with the contrasting and enchanting atmosphere anyone can find something that will enchant then during their journey through this land. Try to find time to visit the main attraction of the region, the Great Salt Lake. The Lake is quite unique in that it is almost uninhabited: few organisms are able to withstand this level of salinity. However, the lake does have a few local denizens. The salted shrimp for example somehow manages to live in these waters and serves as an important food source for migratory birds stopping here.

By the time you get to Nevada you will be spoilt for choice o what to do: you could try your luck in the casino, take in performances by world-famous show-groups, pamper yourself with the royal kitchen, and most importantly, enjoy being in the western world. For unique attractions, nature and landscapes there is no other place on Earth like it. A quick trip to Death Valley, the lowest, hottest and driest place in North America and you'll see a truly unearthly landscape, cracked, covered with a crust of salt land, canyons and sand dunes contrasting with high snow-capped mountains. To miss this would be a real shame.

If you like, you can also visit the Hoover Dam, located on the border of Arizona and Nevada, 48 km south-east of Las Vegas. This unique hydro technical construction is an eye watering 221 meters in height and controls the flow from the Colorado River to the farmland downstream.

If you prefer a less adventurous method of making the Chicago to Los Angeles run then almost the entire cross country trip can be done by train. Several trains run along this route and typically depart after lunch with most trains arriving in Los Angeles first thing in the morning. If you are planning your relocation from Chicago to Los Angeles by train then I do advise you to plan well in advance as this can significantly affect the running costs for moving all of your belongings and be aware that with the exception of the more expensive express services the journey by train can take between 3 and 4 days.

Should your move from Chicago to Los Angeles include air travel then most of it can be accomplished in one day. But this is the most expensive way to relocate and you will not travel with your belongings as these will go by freight plane and you will have to arrange pickup once you get there.

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