The moving has never been easier for me! These people helped me plan it and guided me through the process. Indeed it was an enjoyable move, if such things can be enjoyed. Great job.
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I had to move an entire family from Chicago to Milwaukee, kids, pets and everything. This company has really helped to make complicated things easy. They were always on time and very patient and attentive to our moving needs. Great service.
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Moving from Chicago to Milwaukee

Moving from Chicago to Milwaukee

If you were to study a map of our great country cities like Chicago and Milwaukee look like close neighbors, settled on the shore of Lake Michigan. But even though they may look like it they are actually in different states. In fact the Chicago to Milwaukee run is less than 100 miles, if you count it by highways, and in a straight line as the crow flies it is even shorter. That is why it is the best to make your relocation from Chicago to Milwaukee by car, truck or pretty much any road vehicle you like and transport your property on trucks. The route along the highway will take about one and a half to two hours depending on whether you stop or not.  household moving goods

Chicago itself is a larger and more populous city than Milwaukee with about 3 million people living there and almost 10 million within the greater suburb area. Milwaukee on the other hand has only 600 thousand inhabitants but is still ranked first for population in Wisconsin, and 31st in the United States. However, Milwaukee has many advantages over Chicago and a number of features that allow a lot of people to choose this city as a permanent place of residence and more than that, to enjoy a fulfilling and happy life here.

Milwaukee is a city with a long history of development stretching back to its origins as the 3 conflicted towns. Over the years, and thanks to its location on the shore of a large lake, it has developed into a divergent place to do business with the developed railway infrastructure making Milwaukee an important industrial center but primarily trading across the lake to reach the Atlantic and beyond. The modern economy of the city is far more differentiated than that of the past but about 22% of the population is still employed in industry sectors. The financial sector, the service sector and health care have leapt up in importance in recent years diversifying the job market considerably. Tourism is also actively developing as people from all over the world come to Milwaukee for the holidays and to take part in numerous festivals and events held in the city.

Milwaukee for a very long time has been a world leader in the production of beer, as well as the birthplace of the legendary Harley-Davidson motorcycles, the production of which began about 100 years ago. Even today the factory and headquarters of the company are in Milwaukee.

So, what should a person who is moving from Chicago to Milwaukee know? Firstly, it is worth noting that Milwaukee has surprisingly reasonable prices for housing, food, insurances and entertainment. Maybe this is why people from all walks of life and income levels are moving here. You may even use this as an opportunity to purchase your first apartment or house. Or, for those with a taste for that big city life, decide to appreciate the advantages of living downtown provided at a much lower cost. Don't misunderstand, there are a lot of luxury properties around as well but Milwaukee is a place where everything is available, making it a very attractive place to settle.

Young people often move from Chicago to Milwaukee to get a better quality education. Milwaukee actually has a strong educational system. So strong that Milwaukee is the sixth largest State by number of colleges including two major universities - The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Marquette University. If you want to learn how to design and create, you might be interested in The Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design. This renowned institution has been the building block for many famous designers across the country. Overall about 75 thousand students each year come to study in the city. Due to the large number of young people the number of young families in Milwaukee also increases but this is not a bad thing as Milwaukee is a great city for young families.

Night time Milwaukee also attracts young people. It has colorful nightlife clubs, sports bars, hip bars and discos all is specially designed chic rooms and in some mighty funny places. In fact they are located all over the city, from the waterfront to the "attic" rooms of luxurious buildings depending on your style and taste.

If you want to have a quiet and informative day then there are a few interesting museums worthy of attention in Milwaukee. In the central part of the city on the shore of Lake Michigan is where there stunning imagination of the Milwaukee Art Museum is located as well as the modern and technological Discovery World Museum. In the western part of downtown the Milwaukee Public Museum is particularly interesting and Pabst Mansion pleases fans of antiquity and culture. Fans of motorcycles are offered the pleasure of seeing some of the first models in the Harley-Davidson Museum, which is located near the city center.

So no matter what you are looking for it is fair to say that Milwaukee has it in spades and a move from Chicago to Milwaukee might just be the answer you were looking for, even if you didn't know what the question was. So get booked, get packed and come on up the city of Festivals. 

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