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Moving from Chicago to Minneapolis

Moving from Chicago to Minneapolis

The cities of Chicago and Minneapolis are relatively close to each other but that does not mean that they are anything alike. Relocation from Chicago to Minneapolis can be carried out within a single day, provided that everything that requires transportation has been packaged in advance and is ready to go. By car and truck this trip takes about 6 hours, plus the time to stop and get something to eat and to take a little break.  moving quote

Minneapolis itself is a successful industrial city with a rapidly developing infrastructure. So much so that many people often wonder what the secret is during hard economic times. Business life is flowing in the city, new industrial and housing areas are growing and many people from all walks of life and background are coming to the city to find a job or to improve their prospects, to have the ability to buy high-quality housing for relatively small amounts money, for a large city anyway, and then there is also those who come for the quality of the educational institutions. The University of Minnesota, one of the largest universities in the United States, by number of students, can be found here. More than 50 thousand students are studying at this university ever year with many of them going on to become successful professionals.

When it comes to the city proper you will find that moving from Chicago to Minneapolis, you will see that the architecture of Minneapolis is different from almost anywhere else in the US. This amazing city fancifully combines historical buildings and modern skyscrapers which forms a very unique atmosphere that pleases locals and draws the admiration of tourists and visitors. There are actually several dozen skyscrapers located in Minneapolis which accounts for eleven of the highest buildings in Minnesota State.

The tallest of them are the IDS Center, Capella Tower and the Wells Fargo Center. All three of these buildings stand at a height of about 240 meters. They greatly adorn the panorama of the city with their presence. Capella Tower is the modern brother being built in the post-modernism style with a semicircular "crown" atop the building which protects the antenna and other communication facilities located on the roof from the sun, but at night it becomes a brightly illuminated halo which is visible for many kilometers around. The Wells Fargo Center was built in the Art Deco style. From sunset to midnight the tip of the building is highlighted in a special way, so that it resembles a burning fire. Besides offices, one of the branches of The Wells Fargo History Museum is located within the skyscraper.

If you are looking for a good view of the city use public transport, which is very well developed and funded. Bus routes and shuttle subway lines span the entirety of Minneapolis so you not only get a great view but you get to where you want to go as well.

Many people assume that when you move from Chicago to Minneapolis you are going to just another city but people always underestimate the aesthetic beauty that the architects have put into Minneapolis. Just a simple walk around the center will bring you many new experiences and it will fill your photo album full of interesting pictures. One of the great joys of this city is that, here, you can take pictures in the city center, with a background of architectural monuments and iconic places and at the same time not see a single other person, especially in the winter time. In the summer you might meet a few passers-by, but not too many. Because of this, your pictures will look unrealistic, as if you were on the set of a film. But where are all the people? I hear you asking. They are there, just not on the ground. They move between the blocks in the central part of the city using the Skywalk. This network of transparent corridors connects buildings to each other usually on the second and third floors. It is so well developed that Minnesota has the largest network in the country at more than 13km long and connecting nearly 70 blocks continuously. It is here that you will finally find the inhabitants of the city, walking across winter Minneapolis in T-shirts, because it is warm here and they simply do not have to go out into the streets. But more than just skywalks, these corridors are full of everything needed for a full life; there are pharmacies, restaurants, laundries, offices, parks and even fountains.

            So when we compare Chicago to Minneapolis it is fair to say that they are not alike at all. Chicago it is fair to say is a very vibrant city but when you put it next to the wonders found here it is nearly always left wanting.

            If you are still planning your route from Chicago to Minneapolis, the best advice is to stick to the highway. Thanks to the great links in this region of the country you can straight shot it down the I-90 W right onto the I-94 W and you are home free, just don't forget that there are tolls along they way so hang on to some small change.

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