Moving from Chicago to San Francisco

Moving from Chicago to San Francisco

Our company often works with people who are moving from Chicago to San Francisco as well as from various cities and states around the country. What you need to know about this city if you are planning to make the move from the Great Lakes to the Pacific coast is often in debate because of people's ever changing needs but for us it is always the simple beauty of the landscape, the city itself and of course the wonderful people and amenities on offer. San Francisco is one of the most famous and most visited cities in the United States. Elegant and luxurious, modern and ancient, provincial and cosmopolitan - this city holds such differences that each person often forms their own individual opinion of its highlights and attractions.  moving household

 Some people who have already committed to their relocation from Chicago to San Francisco noted that San Francisco is literally mesmerizing with its gabled fronts, turrets and numerous magnificent Victorian buildings, which are ideally combined with the sunny coast, summer fog and steep hills making it dramatic and stunning at the same time. By the way, the city has not always looked like you see it now. During its existence, it has passed through several grandiose rejuvenations. A major role in the reconstruction of San Francisco was played by a man called Justin Herman. In 1950 he started a renewal of natural reserves and the partition of the city in large areas, built-up with modern buildings. Its projects include the Yerba Buena Gardens, the Japanese quarter, the Embarcadero Center and of course Geary Street.

Other residents of the city say that despite the fact that San Francisco is a true American metropolis, its compactness, and its special old world charm makes it look like a European seaside city where you want to forget about all the problems of the world and enjoy plenty of light and a relaxed atmosphere. This is one of the reasons that people make the Chicago to San Francisco move. The hustle and bustle of oversized Chicago is often a little too overwhelming and industrial where as the city by the bay offers big city charm with small town appearance.

Perhaps this can be explained by the fact that in the 1960s, San Francisco experienced the hippie era like no other place on earth, and even became the epicenter boiling over with music, psychoactive drugs, sexual freedom and artistic creativity. The most important event of the hippie era was the famous Summer of Love which took place in 1967. During this period thousands of hippies from around the world came to the Haight-Ashbury district to celebrate freedom and love and life. This unique phenomenon was akin to a cultural, social and political revolution that changed the lives of many people. Freedoms that we enjoy today owe their existence to this new age way of thinking.

But that's not all of the differences. Some of our customers who have made the move from Chicago to San Francisco say they like local weather. Mainly because even for a coastal city it rains a lot less than you would expect and secondly because the average winter temperature is much higher. The beautiful sea beaches and the proximity of mountain resorts also add points to San Francisco.

An American global human resource and related financial services consulting firm Mercer annually rates "The world's most livable cities" based on dozens of criteria, including the political and social environment, economic indicators, the presence of specific limitations, the quality of the health system, the quality of the education system, the availability and cost of housing, cultural life, climate and the likelihood of natural disasters. In 2015, San Francisco took 27th place in this rating, while Chicago is only 43rd.

Perhaps this explains the fact that many more billionaires from the annual Forbes list live in San Francisco. This may indicate that the city has a significant accumulation of personal wealth and in addition, more and more foreigners are coming to live in The City by the Bay, which provides a multicultural environment and demonstrates the attractiveness of the city for people from other countries.

In recent decades, the city has experienced a rise of computer companies. Many experts in this field are relocating from Chicago to San Francisco to find a job and contribute to the technology boom. Such popularity among the Internet businesses, leading programmers and other professionals of high technology greatly influenced the city's economy and employment. The unemployment rate in San Francisco has been falling steadily during the past few years and now stands at just 4.4% making it lower than the US average. Nearly a quarter of new jobs in San Francisco are created by technology companies. But the city's economy depends not only on the technology sector: the tourism industry and finance continue to play a significant role.

Some economists believe that San Francisco is a window into the future of all mankind. Watching the transformation of the city, you can understand what kind of life a developed post-industrial society will have and you too can be part of it.

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