Moving from Chicago to Seattle

Moving from Chicago to Seattle

Seattle is by far the largest city in Washington State. The population of Seattle with Tacoma and its suburbs adds up to more than 3.6 million people with a population of more than 600 thousand people who live in the city itself. Seattle is also among the five largest US ports, which holds a container port, the berth length of which is 80 km. It is located on the shores of Elliott Bay in the Puget Sound of Lake Washington. So if you are planning a relocation from Chicago to Seattle, you know that the new city in which you will live is also on the coast and as everybody knows, there is something very special about living by the sea.  household goods

During its economic development the city has experienced a number of ups and downs. In the early 1880's it was the boom in timber production which lasted almost until the early twentieth century and provided the impetus for the start of the first economic development of Seattle and transforming it from village to town to city.

The second rise which led to a sharp increase in the number of people in Seattle is associated with the gold rush that began in 1896 during which the city served as an important transport route. This period lasted for about fifteen years. By 1907, the company "UPS" first appeared here and today it is among the largest international companies in logistics and transportation. If your profession is related to freight or you have had a job in one of the ports of Chicago and would like to find a similar job after moving from Chicago to Seattle, you are in luck. Seattle's transportation businesses make up a large sector of the economy.

Following a period of rapid development which occurred in the middle of the last century government contracts for military equipment became big business and even today this is still true. The company "Boeing" has become a major manufacturer of bombers for the US armed forces as well as making commercial aircraft for airlines around the globe.

The last rise, that continues to this day, is the boom of technology. A number of technology companies have been based in Seattle and its suburbs, including Microsoft, RealNetworks,, McCaw Cellular and VoiceStream. The centers which activities are related to medical research are also starting to develop, such as Heart Technologies, ICOS, HeartStream and others. In the last decade of the 20th century and only through the development of techno-corporations the population of Seattle has increased by 50 thousand people (excluding natural growth). Our company has worked with many experts in the field of IT-technologies who took a job offer in this city and moved from Chicago to Seattle.

The success of the city in economic terms has meant that property prices here are among the highest across the country. But before you run in panic try to remember that it also contributes to the fact that many people have found great jobs that allow them to lead a comfortable life here in Seattle. On average, citizens of Seattle have the highest average income, which is not due to high levels of education. Across the board people in Seattle are earning more than most people around the country in comparable jobs.

More than half the residents of Seattle over 25 years old have a level of education of undergraduate and above. In comparison, the average for the United States is in 2 times smaller. The largest educational institution in the region is the University of Washington which has about 45,000 students. They are dispersed across three large campuses and cover a total of more than 500 buildings. Among the graduates of University of Washington are eight Nobel laureates and five Pulitzer Prize winners. In addition, it is one of the largest employers in the city. Did we forget to mention that Seattle is one of the prime education centers of America?

So, what you can grow fond of in this city after you move from Chicago to Seattle? Of course, it could be the museums, theaters, shops, attractions and many other interesting things that exist in the city. But there are, however, such nuances which only those people who have been living in this city pay attention to. Locals say that one of the great things of Seattle is its pedestrian permeability. Seattle has a small, cozy center, which can be entirely bypassed on foot in less than a day. Elliott Bay Trail is a place that is especially good for walking around late afternoon and just before sunset as it offers a nice panoramic view of the bay like you can't find anywhere else. Look the other way and the panorama of the city is in front of you.

Seattle is also rightly called a paradise for coffee drinkers. Each year the city comes out on top, not only on the volume of coffee consumed, but also on the amount of coffee per capita. Due to the unique recipe for roasting coffee beans Seattle contributed to the emergence of the coffee boom in the United States. So make that Chicago to Seattle move and brew up a winning future for yourself.

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