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Moving from Denver to Chicago

Moving from Denver to Chicago

The development of Denver did not go as smoothly as in many other American cities. The city's history began in November 1858 during the Colorado Gold Rush. That summer, a group of miners who came from Lawrence, established a settlement on the east bank of the South Platte River. Later Denver was founded on this site. However, by the summer of 1859 the village was abandoned due to the depletion of the deposit. So you can say that Denver knows how to start from scratch.  moving quote

Now more than 600 thousand people live in Denver. Unlike the majority of state capitals the backbone of the economy in Denver is the private sector. The favorable geographical position has made the city a convenient logistics hub for companies involved in trade and transport services in the mountainous south-western and western states and it is these easy logistic which offer you many ways to organize your relocation from Denver to Chicago.

For those that love the sounds and feel of trains the California Zephyr stops in Denver daily on the way to Chicago (via Salt Lake City and Omaha). Denver is also a major hub of highways in the region with a network of interstate highways, expressways passing through it.

In addition the city is serviced by Denver International Airport located 40 kilometers northeast of downtown. So you really can choose whichever Denver to Chicago method you that suits you. And before you think you can't move by flying think again. Denver airport services over 50 million people. It is rated at 10th among the world's airports and 4th in the United States.

So no matter what method of travel you prefer, they are all available which means that moving from Denver to Chicago can be a relaxing and even enjoyable experience and soon you will find yourself in the wonderful city of Chicago, which is a total of 920 miles from Denver. Incidentally, in Chicago you will need to change the time on you mobile phones, laptops, watches and other devices since Chicago is in the Central time zone. For those who are unaware the history of Chicago is very different from the history of Denver. In 1833, the first settlement existed in the place where the city is now. Starting as a small village where only a few families lived, by 1837, Chicago had become a small city and by 1840 the population had reached more than 4 thousand people. Occupying a favorable geographical position between east and west of the United States, Chicago quickly became one of the key hubs of the country, which in its turn caused a huge rise in the production of the city and a huge influx of immigrants.

At that time it was impossible to make a move from Denver to Chicago. Primarily because Denver was still a marvelous and picturesque piece of scenic geography without a trace human influence.

Chicago on the other hand was a city on the increase where development was taking place at an unbelievable rate. It was here in Chicago that the world's first skyscraper built in 1885. The University of Chicago was founded later in 1892 and became one of the leading universities in the world. The University of Chicago is the alma mater of many famous alumni, including 89 Nobel laureates, who were students or university staff. In 1893, the city became the venue for the World's Fair which went under the name "World’s fair: Columbian Exposition". It gathered an unprecedented number of people and scientists. In fact it drew in more than 27 million people. In general, the history of Chicago can be characterized as an era of economic, especially industrial, upsurge with Chicago, in 1980,  becoming the second largest city in the US (after New York) with a population of 1.1 million people. The strange part is that Chicago has never stopped growing. It is as much a thriving city today as it was in the days of early skyscraper building. It has such a strong economic forum that many of today's Fortune 500 companies call this city their home.

But nowadays the city is renowned for more than its companies and tall buildings. Its unsurpassed architecture, excellent cuisine, and plenty of opportunities for relaxation and recreation lead the way with its thriving tourism industry. Located in an area of 60,000 hectares, the city has an abundance of parks. In fact if we count the city center alone there is over 3000 hectares of park space ready to be enjoyed. Not that many people know but Chicago is gaining a reputation as one of the most interesting cities for hiking thanks to its location and facilities. Once you have moved from Denver to Chicago and spent some time getting to know your new home, you will realize that it is a unique city, with each of neighborhoods having its own unique shape and character. It may sound a little vain but it is a city of looks. From the skyline to the lake and from the buildings to the people this city always has something spectacular to show you. So pack up your home and get ready to have your mind blown. 

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