I have done the DIY fashion move and did the self-driving. This company provided me with many useful tips on how to pick the right size truck, how to pack, etc. They were very useful and made the whole thing much easier for me. They also mapped the road for me, so I made it to my new home on time.
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Moving from Detroit to Chicago

Moving from Detroit to Chicago

The mass migration of Detroit’s population began in the mid-1950s. With more and more of the middle class selling their houses in the city and moving to the suburbs and beyond. Many people choose relocation from Detroit to Chicago over other places because of its new boomtown status and available opportunities. Analysts are not unanimous in their opinions of what exactly the reason was for people to start leaving a city which was once the leader in the engineering industry. Some say that an oil crisis was to blame. The popularity of cars with low fuel consumption replaced classic American cars in the markets, engineers and skilled workers lost their jobs and were quick to pick different ones in more hospitable places. Cities where they could find a good job and realize their creative, and professional potential.   household moving goods.   household moving goods

Other scientists suggest that motorization and the improved system of highways caused the outflow of the population. People realized that they could live outside of the center and still get to work in 20-30 minutes. So more and more of the middle class began selling their houses in the city and went to the suburbs. Following the skilled labor force, shops and businesses in the service sector also moved to the suburbs, neighboring towns or made their move from Detroit to Chicago. The situation was aggravated by the lack of a developed system of public transport and the lack of parking for all office workers. After all, public transport is one of the foundations in the life of a city with high building density (higher than 1-2 floors), and without it any city will be very difficult to live in.

Fortunately, the city of Chicago has avoided these difficulties. It ranks among the most popular places to work, study and live. And every year it becomes more and more popular, but the reasons for this are easy to explain. Here are a few facts that will be of interest to you if you plan on moving from Detroit to Chicago. Firstly the view. The Chicago skyline is simply a work of art containing more impressive skyscrapers than anywhere. This "Chicago school" building method is known the word over. Next is the fantastic coastline along Lake Michigan running 26miles along the city. More than that since dirty industry was limited there is now more than 15 miles of beaches suitable for swimming. Parks? I hear you say? Well Chicago has more than 550, 200 theatres, 200 art galleries and more than 7300 restaurants. Add to this the 40 annual parades in Chicago and wham, a city with more to see and do than there is time in the day for!

 Once you move from Detroit to Chicago, you'll want to walk around the city and get acquainted with its attractions. In Chicago, there are no end of interesting things to see and do: the original skyscraper; luxury shops, restaurants and hotels (especially on the "Magnificent Mile" on Michigan Avenue, right in the heart of the city) and the numerous museums. On of the best certainly is Museum Campus, which is a museum park and includes the three largest exhibition of the city: Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum, John G. Shedd Aquarium and The Field Museum of Natural History.

In 1999, the Planetarium expanded its premises, installing an additional theater with fully digital imagery on the dome and the planetarium projector is able to accurately reproduce all the movements of the celestial sphere.

Every year, about 2 million visitors attend John G. Shedd Aquarium. This public aquarium was opened on May 30, 1930. In the aquarium you can see over 25,000 different fish specimens. Shedd Aquarium was the first aquarium located on land with a permanent collection of seawater fish, and for many years it was the largest indoor aquarium in the world.

Among the most famous exhibits of The Field Museum of Natural History includes the most comprehensive skeleton of Tyrannosaurus rex to date. There is an extensive collection of anthropology and ethnography, including artifacts from ancient Egypt, the northwest Pacific coast and Tibet. You can also see a diverse collection of taxidermy, which presents a variety of large animals, including two African elephants and African lions.

The city has many parks, the most famous of which is Grant Park. It is the place where Buckingham Fountain is, which is a kind of "calling card" for Chicago. There is also the Millennium Park, where the famous sculpture "Cloud Gate" is located. The famous Food Festival "Taste of Chicago" is held annually in Grant Park.

To prevent you from being late for visiting of all these wonderful places, do not forget to change the time on your watches. Because it is an hour earlier in Chicago than it is in Detroit. So now that you have had a taste of what is to come then perhaps it is time to book your Detroit to Chicago move now. There is a whole world of wonders and opportunities waiting right here for you.

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