I needed someone with perfect organizational skills for my relocation process. I had an office to move from city to city. It’s not an easy job, especially if you wish to avoid chaos. These people produced a moving schedule for me, did all the packing and moving and they were always on time!
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I stored all my things in the storage facility. By the size of the storage box they have properly evaluated the size of the vehicle I needed and assisted me in uploading the truck and moving stuff to my new home. They handled all my moving needs in a timely manner.
Joseph Brawn
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Moving from Indianapolis to Chicago

Moving from Indianapolis to Chicago

Although Indianapolis and Chicago are the most populated cities in their states, Chicago is still much larger. The capital of Indiana is home to more than 800 thousand people. But Chicago boasts a population of almost three million inhabitants. The density of Chicago is about 4,450 people per square km making it the third most populous city in America but for good reason. Boasting amazing growth statistics and a wealth of opportunities this city is the key to success for many people. Home to the best skyline in the world, the glorious Lake Michigan and many of the top companies in America this city rally does have it all. It is so good that even the suburbs want to feel like a full member of the city. Unofficially, Chicago residents call the city together with the suburbs Chicagoland making the city seem even bigger. It is worth mentioning that even the locals do not agree exactly what territory is covered by Chicagoland. This desire to join the center does however bring its own rewards meaning that transport connections, shopping and employment complexes are all spread out increasing the prosperity of the whole area. So anyone local who mentions Chicago is including its suburbs as well.    household

The distance from Indy to Chicago is 164 miles as the crow flies meaning that you can pretty much choose any mode of transport the suit you. Many people who make the Indianapolis to Chicago move take their belongings by aircraft, since the flight is just one hour and there are many daily cheap commuter flights. If you prefer to drive then be prepared for a very reasonable 3 hour road trip. Approximately 182 miles and taking about 3 hours this route itself bring you through some of the best parts of Michigan State including the city Lafayette.

Lafayette is known as the birthplace of film director, screenwriter, actor and producer Sydney Pollack. He is the director of the film They Shoot Horses, Don't They?, Jeremiah Johnson and The Way We Were with Barbra Streisand and Robert Redford. He also received an "Oscar" for the drama "Out of Africa".

Actress Embeth Davidtz also spent her early years in Lafayette. She starred in films such as Schindler's List, Bridget Jones's Diary, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Amazing Spider-Man and many others. The film Europa Report, where Embeth Davidtz played a major role, has been called by critics one of the most exciting and realistic images of space exploration and has put the science back in science fiction.

By the time you reach the city of Gary then not only have you almost done moving from Indianapolis to Chicago but you are in for a real treat Set on the banks of Lake Michigan this city is known as the birthplace of Michael Jackson. But this surprising small place also houses some very interesting historical buildings such as the Knights of Columbus Building, St. Augustine's Episcopal Church, Gary Bathing Beach Aquatorium, The Ralph Waldo Emerson School, Theodore Roosevelt High School and many others. But the best and most irreplaceable part of it all is the view. If you need to take a break and gather a little strength before arriving in Chicago itself, you can make a stop at one of the many parks in the city or you can head down to the beach and enjoy the spectacular vista across the lake and take in the Chicago skyline.

By the way, do not forget about the time difference between the cities and set your clocks back one hour meaning your relocation from Indianapolis to Chicago gives you an extra hour to enjoy yourself!

The first thing you will see approaching the city that will be your new home are the skyscrapers. Certainly Indianapolis has many high-rise buildings. But not in such great numbers and not so tall. There is a very valid reason for this though because in 1898, the Soldiers and Sailors Monument was built in Indianapolis and a ban appeared on building constructions higher than its level. That’s why the monument, with a height of 87 meters, remained the tallest building of the city for a very long time. In fact right up until 1962, when The Indianapolis City-County Building was built which stands at 113 meters.

The situation with skyscrapers in Chicago was quite different. The modern look of the city with lots of skyscrapers and high-rise buildings arose from very tragic events, the fire of 1871. It stripped the homes of almost a third of the city population, which required an urgent solution by the local authorities. Buildings in Chicago, based on old plans, were recognized as impractical so the city was reconstructed with a completely new concept. Its main idea was to expand the territory not outwards but up and soon high-rise buildings began to appear one after the other on the shores of Lake Michigan. This opportunity to rebuild the city gave it the impetus to start the great building boom of the United States, which led to the city becoming the center of America architecture. So following a city of amazing architecture isn't it about time you planned your move from Indy to Chicago and made your mark on America?

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