Moving from Jacksonville to Miami

Moving from Jacksonville to Miami

Miami is the largest metropolis in the Southeastern United States and the second largest city in Florida, strangely enough, after Jacksonville. According to the testimony of my trusty GPS-navigator it is 325 miles from Jacksonville to Miami. The fastest way to get there is down to the south along highway I-95. This is a wide road with three, and in some places with four-lanes, so you can drive pretty fast, just remember to keep it within the speed limit. Along the Jacksonville to Miami route there is no problem when it comes to food or shopping for the things you need for the road. The road infrastructure is well developed and there are all types of restaurants and cafes, motels and hotels, recreation areas and picnic spots, refueling stations and shops. After about five hours, you will already see the skyscrapers of downtown Miami.  household

Your property also can be transported on trucks. It takes a little longer, due to the fact that trucks can not drive on the highway as fast as a car, but all of your property will be in your new house on the same day. The best thing about the I-95 is that it is a straight shot down the coast which passes by lots of built up areas but more than that is the sublime coastal breeze.

After moving from Jacksonville to Miami and while movers are arranging your furniture in your new residence, you will have the change to relax and explore the sights of your district. Miami has a lot of areas and suburbs but in general it is allocated into four large sections relating to the cardinal points: north, south, east and west. Many residents of Miami even call them exactly by these names.

The heart of the city is the financial district, Downtown. South Beach is located on the other side of Biscayne Bay, washing the east side of Miami. It is the place where you are likely to find most of the tourists. North-west of the city is famous for its hospitals and research institutes while the historic district of Miami's Coconut Grove takes up almost the entire southern area.

In addition to the beaches and other vacation spots Miami boasts a huge number of attractions. For example the Miami Trinity Cathedral which was the first church ever built in Miami which was even six weeks before Miami became a city. Of course at that time the cathedral looked very different and it was built of wood. Its radical restructuring was completed in 1925 when the cathedral began to look as we see it now.

The Museum of Contemporary Art is located in the northern quadrant of the city, ten miles from the center. It is situated in a beautiful modern building and has its own small park. The works of contemporary artists such as Jose Bedia, Pablo Cano, William Cordova and Ruben Torres are on display here in the museum. The entire building is equipped with interactive exhibits and the screens on which you can view the pictures and learn about the symbolism and how they were created. Even if you are not really into art it is an amazing voyage of discovery.

If you are planning family trips with children then a highly recommended stop is a visit to the Miami Children's Museum. This is a fabulous place that allows children to imagine themselves as adults, and adults on the contrary, fall back into childhood. There are educational exhibits, such as a miniature bank, TV station, a supermarket, a cruise ship, fire department and a police station all of which allow children to go on an expedition into the world of real life.

Miami Seaquarium at the time of its construction in 1955 was the biggest oceanarium in the world. Among its inhabitants were and still are an unbelievable variety of fish species, including sharks, sea turtles, birds, reptiles, marine crustaceans, manatees, jellyfish and octopi. The aquarium has developed various scientific and educational programs and tours, destinations for tourists and school groups. The aquatic areas inhabited by tropical fish and coral reef inhabitants are open and allow people to dive and explore. Each year, up to 500 thousand visitors come to the Miami Aquarium. It presents a variety of shows and attractions featuring dolphins and killer whales. In fact most of the TV series "Flipper" was filmed here.

Butterfly World is a huge attraction which highlights Miami's devotion to preserving nature. At Eden Park Butterfly World there are about 10,000 butterflies that live peacefully. This is a land of peace and happiness, where you can not only improve your knowledge about butterflies, but is also a wonderful place for relaxation. Butterfly World is located quiet far away from downtown Miami, so you will have to drive about 40 minutes by car but it more than worth the effort.

And that's just a tiny list of places that are worth visiting in Miami. As you can imagine after you move from Jacksonville to Miami, you'll have no time to be bored.

So make your dreams come true and plan your relocation from Jacksonville to Miami and come live in the jewel of the Florida coast.

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