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Moving from Las Vegas to Phoenix

Moving from Las Vegas to Phoenix

Phoenix is the capital and largest city of Arizona State and due to the massive population boom in the 90's is now the 6th largest city in the country. The suburbs of the metropolis are so loved that they have received the beautiful name "The Valley of the Sun" to match the beauty of the landscape. Significant growth in the population occurred in the last 60 years. In 1950, the population of Phoenix was only 106,000 inhabitants, now 1.5 million people live in the city proper. Relocation from Las Vegas to Phoenix will allow you to become one of the residents of this thriving metropolis, the golden sun of the south.  moving household

Thanks to the warm climate, the well thought-out fiscal policy of Arizona and a long list of other factors the economy of Phoenix is one of the fastest growing and rapidly developing among US cities outpacing many of the traditional success centers like New York. In fact the headquarters of several Fortune 500 companies are located in the city. Many residents of Phoenix are occupied in the traditional industries for the city and its environs. That being mining, agriculture and tourism but modern Phoenix is also the largest aerospace industry center in the United States. Furthermore the production of computer components, chemical, aluminum and food industries are also developing rapidly bringing new growth to the city.

The largest employers in Phoenix are government agencies at various levels and their subordinate educational and medical institutions. However, unlike most state capitals, the public sector is not dominant in the economy of Phoenix. So as you can see after moving from Las Vegas to Phoenix you will have a wide range of employment opportunities available to you. If you have ever dreamed of working on a farm, it is possible here in Phoenix. Agriculture is focused on the cultivation of citrus fruits, melons, olives, cotton using a range of modern and traditional techniques.

Would you like to dedicate your life to art? One of the suburbs of Phoenix is Scottsdale, which is widely known both domestically and abroad for its cultural activities presented here in all its diversity. Scottsdale is the national capital of art and culture of the Southwest United States. In 2005, the Festival of Fine Arts in Scottsdale was voted by the magazine "American Style" as the best of its kind in America and they don’t give out that award easily.

The central part of the city holds a large concentration of galleries, studios and museums all of which are open to the public. The artistic quarter is divided into three main parts: "Main Street Arts", which presents a variety of styles and trends, "Marshall Way Arts", devoted to contemporary art and the "Old Town", focused on tourists and the ever popular cowboy theme. Every Tuesday, an outdoor exhibition on Scottsdale Artwalk is open to any and all visitors.

Many people come from Las Vegas to Phoenix to take part in the numerous festivals and shows that take place in the Valley of the Sun. A prime example is the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show which has been held here for over 60 years. This show draws thousands of spectators who come to look at the competition of about 2000 Arabian horses and half-breeds. The show includes more than 25 exhibits and an uncountable amount of interesting horse themed souvenirs. In fact horses and horse related activities make up the heart of this western city as the residents and especially the numerous tourists love to visit the annual Scottsdale Jaycees Parada del Sol cowboy parade, which has been held here since 1954 and lasts for a month. The festival offers the longest equestrian parade which involves more than 150 horse harnesses and is truly a sight to be seen.

Moving on to horsepower of a different kind the Barrett-Jackson Auto Show is held here every January. During the week, the exhibition complex shows luxury cars, as well as rare and vintage cars. But this auto show is more than just a parade of fine cars it is also the US's largest auto auction.

A fan of fine food? Well the Big food festival is held here every year in April, lasts a whole week and attracts more than 40 000 people. The Great Arizona Picnic cooking show is also especially popular, performed on the lawn in front of the central department store of the city, where leading restaurants and chefs of the city and the country show their culinary art to the public. A sensation on the eyes as well as the tongue.

As for traveling the Las Vegas to Phoenix trip is only 300 miles and takes just over four hours by car. But beware of the time of year you are planning to travel. If you are thinking of making it in the middle of summer then be warned that it is going to be hot and so you need to plan accordingly. Always take extra supplies for you car and bodies because being stranded out in the desert can be very dangerous. If your move from Las Vegas to Phoenix means driving through the heart of the city then be warned that at peak times the traffic jams can be something else and so you will need to plan with your delivery driver beforehand.

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