Moving from Miami to New York

Moving from Miami to New York

New York City or 'The Big Apple' as it is colloquially known is located at the mouth of the Hudson River, in a naturally protected harbor formed by the wide mouth of the river and its many islands. The largest islands of the group are Manhattan, Staten and Long Islands. New York is the largest city on the eastern coast of the Untied States and it the US's most important economic, political and cultural center. So it is no coincidence that relocation from Miami to New York is at the forefront of many people's minds regardless of age, gender, culture or social background. One of the best and most important features of this great city is that everyone is welcome and anyone can hit it big-time.  household goods

New York is a city with two important key features: variety and density. The city itself has been a center of attraction for immigrants for as long as the city has existed and it has become home to millions of people from all walks of life from around the world. According to statistics, 36% of New Yorkers were not born in the United States. According to this indicator, only Los Angeles and Miami are ahead of New York.

New York is very different from most other American cities and each district within its vast area is unique. Within one day you can walk along streets surrounded by skyscrapers and filled with crowds of people, and next get out into one of the parks in the city and be in a quiet area with trees and a serene pond, where there is no one but you. It is here that streets of skyscrapers coexist with blocks of low-rise buildings better than anywhere else; such is the planning that has gone into it.

The city is in fact amazingly well-landscaped. There are many benches, where you can sit and relax from hustle and bustle of downtown. Large and small flower beds fill the spaces between the roads, sidewalks and small squares. Of course if you want to feel like a real New Yorker after you have finished moving from Miami to New York, then buy a coffee. If you pay attention, you will notice that many people on the streets of New York move around with a paper cup of coffee and some even ride bicycles or drive cars holding a coffee in one hand. It is not the best idea but New Yorkers simply don't function without it. It is here more than anywhere is the US that people drink coffee of the move. So much so that you would be hard pushed to find a person in Manhattan in the morning without one.

After your move from Miami to NY try to find a few spare days to get acquainted with the most important sights that surround your new home. The most celebrated landmark of the city is certainly the Statue of Liberty, located on Liberty Island. The statue stands holding a torch aloft in her right hand and a tablet in the left one with the date '4 July 1776' written on it in Roman numerals. On this day the Declaration of Independence was signed granting freedom to the nation. One leg of the statue stands on broken fetters. A quick trip by boat and you can experience it for yourself, but be prepared for queues because it is a super tourist hotspot. If you have the time you can even climb to the top of the statue. It is only 356 steps but there is an unmissable view of the harbor and city from here.

Ellis Island is also one of the most striking sights of New York City. It is located at the mouth of the Hudson River and for a long time it was the largest place for registering immigrants coming to the United States, right up until 1954. Once long ago the island was a sand bar where native Indians hunted oysters. Later, its land size was increased by ground exported from the construction of the city's subway. Now the Immigration Museum is located here.

Next on the top sights list has to be Central Park, which is incidentally one of the largest in the United States and possibly the most famous in the world and about 25 million people visit it each year. The rectangular area of the park (4 km long and 0.8 km wide) is a green island of tranquility inside of the bustling area of Manhattan. So if you want to relax a bit after moving a lot of furniture and you happen to be lucky enough to live downtown then. After a trip like that from Miami to New York you probably deserve it. Central Park was opened to the public in 1859, but before that a massive amount of work was done to the area. For 20 years, about 20 thousand workers moved a huge amount of land, planted 5 million trees, drained all of the wetlands, dug ponds and blasted rocky formations, but the result has surpassed all expectations and now Central Park is one of the favorite resting places of thousands of citizens, regardless of season and weather.

By the way, eventually you will realize that the most pleasant weather in New York City is in the autumn or spring. But to be honest, this city is beautiful in any season and it will not get tired of delighting you.

So be prepared for fun and adventure and a lifestyle like no other. All you have to do is book your Miami to New York move and the city will do the rest.

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