Moving from Milwaukee to Chicago

Moving from Milwaukee to Chicago

Milwaukee and Chicago. Two cities who well aware of the term 'rivalry'.  Many years ago, Milwaukee, being conveniently located on the shores of Lake Michigan, was the country's largest center for the transportation of wheat. However, as the area evolved and grew the trade moved further down from Milwaukee to Chicago, which was the new transportation hub in America.

The distance between the two cities is only 93 miles so moving from Milwaukee to Chicago will not take long. Both of these cities known for the beauty of the surrounding landscapes and diversified economies. However, the development of the industries prevalent in these cities are quite different.   moving quote

For example, residents of Milwaukee have been developing the art of brewing since 1840. Thanks to them, it was also nicknamed "Beer City". In 1843, the city had a lot of breweries and 138 taverns. That is about 1 tavern for every 40 people. Although beer production is no longer the main industry of the city its heritage can be seen everywhere in the city.

Chicago in its turn became famous as a financial center. It is also the location of one of the 12 Federal Reserve Banks. In fact the city has a lot of banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions. So if you are looking for new employment opportunities, especially within a financial institution then relocation from Milwaukee to Chicago will give you exactly what you need. It is so highly regarded that twelve of the Fortune 500 (the largest in the US) are based in Chicago and its suburbs. They include Boeing, Motorola, United Airlines, Sears and even McDonald's.

This city's employment prospects cover more than just finance though. The largest employer of the city is the group of companies responsible for the transportation system of Chicago. The Chicago Transit Authority includes 152 bus routes and 7 subway lines and is always looking for good people to ensure a smooth journey for everyone. Apart from the CTA there is also Metra, the commuter rail system. Metra trains serve about 200 railway stations on 11 lines alongside Pace, the suburban bus system, mostly serving six neighboring Chicago districts of Illinois, and several routes in the city itself.

And of course, Chicago airport. Chicago O'Hare International Airport is located to the west of Chicago  and it is one of the largest and busiest airports in the world. During the year more than 1 million foreign tourists and 32.8 million Americans visit Chicago. Every hour, the airport sends and receives an average of about 200 aircraft. The second airport, Midway is much smaller and is located in the southwestern part of the city. As you can see, there are many types of transport, to help you get from Milwaukee to Chicago no matter how you want to travel.

Why is this city so popular among tourists and people moving location? Chicago is an inimitable and special city, which may sound odd for somewhere so large but bear with me on this. Everyone who lives here seeks and finds something of wonder to them: enjoying the warm sunshine on the wonderful beaches of Lake Michigan, walking for hours and hours on the streets among huge skyscrapers and through the many parks, enjoying the mix of lifestyles and cultures which make up this very diverse place or heading for a sale in the many fashionable boutiques. Designer clothing stores and upscale shopping centers are located on the site of North Michigan Avenue, known as "Magnificent Mile" with the University of Chicago and the Museum of Science and Industry located in South Side. The thriving city center is the place where you can find unique shops and restaurants, as well as get in touch with the city's nightlife. Art galleries and trendy clubs or enjoying the ethnic delights of Chinatown and little Italy. And when the bustling atmosphere of the daytime gives way to night the city become even more lively. Thousands of nightclubs greet visitors with entertaining shows, jazz evenings and excellent cuisine.

By the way if you like jazz, consider that a move from Milwaukee to Chicago means moving to the birthplace of jazz. Every year the city plays host to the famous Chicago Jazz Festival. You certainly will get a lot of pleasure from visiting all the old jazz clubs and the new. However, jazz is not the only kind of music that enjoys the love and appreciation of the inhabitants of Chicago. The Ravinia Festival in Highland Park runs from late June to late September and it attended by my thousands of people every year. It is 'the' festival for symphony and jazz bands as well as a great place to watch ballet companies in action and an array of comedy skit artists not to mention, in late May, the Chicago Blues Festival held in Grant Park. Really Chicago offers the sea of opportunities for work and rest. A city of growth, diversity and wonder all packed along arguably the best lake in America. So if you don't live here yet then maybe you should ask yourself why? 

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