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Moving from New York to Los Angeles

Moving from New York to Los Angeles

We all like watching movies, especially if they are about a journey, because it is always when people are traveling that they constantly end up in different and often unusual situations and it is through watching them that you, just like me, feel like it is you who can live different lives and try on different roles. Beautiful and interesting films motivate us to travel and to want to be more than we sometimes let ourselves be.  household

If you are one of those people who appreciate traveling, if you want to become a screenwriter for your own film about a journey, in which you play a major role, if you want to try different food, to communicate with people with different mentalities, learn new traditions and culture, if at the same time you are planning your relocation from New York to Los Angeles, we have a totally unexpected offer for you. Do the journey by car.

Now hold on, before you ask if we have gone crazy, bear with us.

Yes, we know that from New York to Los Angeles is a distance of about 3000 miles (or to be precise, "only" 2,800 miles). And yes, we agree that this trip will take "a lifetime" (technically covering that New York to Los Angeles gap will take about 5-6 days, it is possible to make it shorter if you hurry), but if you will allow yourself not to be rushed and make proper stops, the journey will be more than worth it and in the end, and after all is that not what we want when we watch movies about traveling? Since you are going that way anyway why not make it a trip of a lifetime because 'you' are worth it and our great country is worth visiting. Maybe it is time to try living a different life for a change. If only for a few days

Now that we have got you all fired up perhaps we should tell you a little about your choices. You will have several options of directions for your route. The first runs right through the heartland of America heading through Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, Nevada and finally to California. While to other route passes south through Maryland, Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Arizona. You are probably now saying to yourself "well that is just a lot of names, what is the difference?" Well thanks to the divergence and wonder of this land the choice of route really does make a huge difference. There is an abundance of different and unique places waiting for you on the way, with completely different scenery, towns, sights, entertainments and people. And the view from your car window is an important one.

Should you choose the first route option, Pennsylvania will please you with its sublime views of the Appalachian Mountains that extend through the state from southwest to northeast while the majority of Ohio is located on flat terrain. The name "Ohio", by the way, is derived from the Iroquois word "ohi-yo", which means "great river". In fact this great river, which formed back in Pennsylvania near the city of Pittsburgh, is actually a merger of Alleghany and Monongahela rivers and is quite a beautiful sight - two mighty rivers joined into one, surrounded by skyscrapers and bridges. It is around this point that you can vary your route slightly to take you closer to the Great Lakes and enjoy their beauty.

The water beauty continues right through Iowa, between the Missouri and the mighty Mississippi which is one of the greatest rivers of the world and flows through 10 states. The water flow from its source in Lake Itasca takes about 90 days to reach the Gulf of Mexico. Just don't get too distracted by it or your trip might just take you there.

 Colorado is definitely one of those easy to enter, hard to leave States. With about 40 percent of this gigantic rectangle occupied by national parks and very diverse topography, including the Rocky Mountains which is a popular place for tourists, especially for hiking, climbing, fishing, hunting, skiing, snowboarding and picnicking. These mountain slopes are mostly covered with pine forest and are bordered by the picturesque water of the Colorado River, Rio Grande, Arkansas River and South Platte River.

A stop in Utah means a visit to the Arches National Park and Monument Valley, the location for many movies, clips and commercials, dedicated to "cowboys". Bring your cowboy hat and supplement the story of your move from New York to Los Angeles with a few "historical" pictures. By the time you reach Nevada you are surrounded by desert landscapes, mountain ranges and wonderfully unique geysers and will feel worlds away from the lush pines of Colorado. Be prepared for the temperature of this place, because it is very hot in summer and really cold in winter.

By the time you reach California you might well be asking yourself what more there could possibly be to see but just you wait, California will yet surprise you.

Remember you are not just moving from New York to Los Angeles. Any journey is a constant process of learning; because it is on the road, in a new environment, that a person perfects the quality of his soul, tempers it and begins to think in new ways.

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