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Moving from New York to Miami

Moving from New York to Miami

Miami and its suburb regions are one of the fastest growing in America. This is confirmed by studies by the United Nations which noted that Miami was the fifth in terms of population in 2000, with a population of 4.9 million people, and in 2008 this number had increased to 5.2 million. A lot of people from all age ranges are deciding to change their place of residence and head on down to the Patron State of Fun. In fact more and more people are moving from New York to Miami and the reasons for this are not really that surprising.  moving quote

These two cities are both on the east coast of the United States, and there are many opportunities for a relocation from New York to Miami. The distance between the cities is rather large, standing at around 1300 miles but nevertheless, many New Yorkers spend time in Miami, especially in the winter months, and many of the residents of Miami have friends or family members in New York. In both cities, there is also a variety of corporations and companies that makes the move from one city to another frequently and unhindered. Thanks to the strong connections between these 2 cities you can travel from New York to Miami or vise versa by plane, train, bus or car or even ship. In fact you can use a variety of ways for a variety of transportation. For example, you can drive part of the way by car and then get on a plane or even catch a boat halfway.

Before purchasing a property in Miami, try to spend at least a few days here to explore the city and get acquainted with its regions. As in any city there is a place of extremes: wealth and poverty, attractive areas and the places in which it is better not to walk at night. So think what is important to you when choosing a home. If you a financial worker and you want to get to work quickly in the morning and back home in the evening, pay attention to the central areas of the city where there are good properties and excellent transport links.

The Heart of Miami, Downtown, is a commercial area with lots of skyscrapers, shops, museums, theaters, restaurants and parks. The roofs of many high-rise buildings are equipped with special viewing platforms from where you can get stunning open views of the city and you would be crazy to miss. There are also numerous canals and bridges that connect regions and areas. Every day, hundreds of yachts and boats sail from its docks. A popular spectacle for locals (and of course the tourists) is watching as huge cruise ships pass through the narrow channel before heading out into the ocean.

In terms of population among all cities in the United States the Downtown of Miami is third, after New York and Chicago. So if you are used to working in the busy business center of the city and you liked doing it, then a move from New York to Miami will leave you feeling most comfortable.

The region of Brickell is located south of downtown (south of the river Mayami). This region is the financial business center with high population density. Here you will find a variety of multi-storey residential towers with luxurious apartments, prestigious hotels, expensive eating establishments and shops. A large section of the population, mainly the bankers and managers prefer to live close to their downtown offices. Brickell as well as Downtown Miami are the fastest-growing areas of the city and are the most desirable areas.

However, even if you live in the downtown area, try not to forget about rest and relaxation. In the port you can take a trip on a sea boat, catamaran and almost any other water vehicle you can think of. Thanks to the flat terrain you may even get a great view of your new home from the ocean. If you head out in the evening, the city will impress you with its glowing highways, skyscrapers reflecting in the waves and palm trees, showing black against the sky.

Do you want to see downtown from a great location? Overhead metro routes cover the entire quarter, just find a convenient location, hop in one of the carriages and enjoy the views of the city. Just don't forget to bring your camera or you will miss out on the fantastic photo opportunities.

If you are one of those who have decided that the New York to Miami distance is a small price to pay to have a completely different life full of sunshine, easy access to outdoor pools and beautiful views from almost any window, then you need to consider moving to the islands that are located near the eastern shores of Miami. Key Biscayne, for example, is a wonderful tropical island, located to the east of Miami and south of Miami Beach. Life on Key Biscayne is like living is a small close community but with easy access to the mainland. Or Fisher Island - perhaps the most luxurious island in South Florida, located north of the Port of Miami. There are many first-class amenities, a deepwater marina, pristine beaches and spacious swimming pools, golf courses, tennis courts, several restaurants and many fantastic bars. To get to the island you need to buy a ticket on the ferry or to use a boat. 

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