Moving from Oakland to San Francisco

Moving from Oakland to San Francisco

Moving over short distances, such as within the same city or state make up the most the journeys taken by household movers and moving from Oakland to San Francisco is one of them, since the distance between these two cities is only 12 miles. This journey is, in fact, simply a move from the suburbs of San Francisco into the city itself. And while it may sound like a simply job there are always the same pitfalls that any movers can encounter.  household

Currently, more than 800 thousand people call this city home and everyday many more are planning the move. San Francisco is such a popular destination at the moment that some cross-state movers are having to wait months to realize their dream. Moving from Oakland is a significant advantage thanks to your local location.

So just what will a move from Oakland to San Francisco mean for you and your lifestyle? Well firstly you will get access to one of the most advanced public transport system in this part of the country. This may not seem like the biggest deal but for anyone who commutes staying out of big city traffic can save you weeks in terms of travel time per year. If you decide to become an expert in this city, you can pretend to be a tourist and buy a Go Card or CityPASS, which entitles you to discounted tickets to local museums and galleries and luckily all the World-class museums are located almost within walking distance of anywhere in the city center. By the way, you should know that several times a month the museums of San Francisco provide free access so take the opportunity to save some money for something else, for example for shopping.

And speaking of shopping. San Francisco is undoubtedly one of the best places for shopping. There are many excellent shopping and entertainment venues dotted around the city. A good example of this is the Westfield shopping center. This is perhaps the biggest complex around in which you can find over 170 fashion and luxury shops such as Prada, Diesel, Gucci, Escada and many more. There are other variants of the shopping malls such as the Crocker Galleria and the Japan Center. In addition, you can enjoy the large Ferry Building indoor market, or the colorful Chinatown district. If you are looking for shop density then the points with the greatest concentration of stores are: Sacramento street, Hayes Valley, Fillmore, Union Square and Mission. In these shops you can easily find everything you need for your new house or apartment. So, if after your relocation from Oakland to San Francisco you choose to start a new life by turning over a new leaf or simply wish to radically change your interiors then shops of San Francisco will help you find everything you will need and more.

Because of its picturesque location, developed economy and popularity among tourists this pearl of the gulf is a pretty expensive city to live with the average price of a house resting at about $ 700 000 but this is the tradeoff for the high standards of living enjoyed by residents here. Notable is the fact that almost 45% residents of the metropolis have higher education qualifications and as a result, the labor market can sometimes have fierce competition. But before you are totally dismayed statistics have shown that people who are looking for work usually find it as the unemployment rate in the city is not very high. So don't be dismayed as opportunities await those brave enough to reach for them.

Of course Oakland to San Francisco is a small distance, but nevertheless San Francisco proper will still be able to surprise you. This is a real city of gourmands and the quantity and variety of restaurants it has can even compete with New York. This is not surprising, because the conditions for owning a restaurant business are simply ideal: skilled chefs from all over the world, high class wineries and numerous farms supplying the city with the freshest products are a recipe for success.

Of course, San Francisco also has many fast-food restaurants offering hamburgers and hot dogs, but they are not as popular here as in other US cities. Here the most common are Mexican, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese and other ethnic food institutions. Half of the city's restaurants are concentrated in Chinatown and Castro. There are many cafes with summer terraces, serving delicious dishes of shrimp and crabs, as well as the bohemian coffee shops and chocolate shops. In addition, many fine restaurants are located at the shipyard Fisherman's Wharf. That's where you can taste great seafood dishes as well as succulent steaks and Californian famous bread or sourdough. San Francisco is also the real capital of wine and California wines differ by exquisite taste and they are considered among the best in the world.

So perhaps it is time to make the small 12 mile life change from Oakland to San Francisco and begin life refreshed and anew. After all, all the people who travel from around the world just to visit the golden gate city cannot be wrong.

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