Moving can be a bad experience, but it wasn’t in my case. All due to the relocators I choose to work with. I picked them because of the adequate quote and because they got back to me quickly and personally. I could actually talk to a person and ask all my questions. Things went well and they moved my 2 room apartment on time and carefully.
Amily Day
I had a tough task to manage. I needed to relocate my elderly parents and they surely had hard time giving up any of their belongings. Tons of stuff to move! These guys have provided due care and attention to my folks. They treated them very nicely and with great patience. Thank you so much.
Ricky D.
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Moving from Philly to Boston

Moving from Philadelphia to Boston - moving companies Philadelphia ::

Philadelphia is one of the oldest cities in the United States, founded in 1682 and is the fifth largest city in the country and the most populated city in the state of Pennsylvania. Philly is one of the largest industrial, financial and cultural centers of the United States, rich with history and culture. However, Boston is more than a worthy rival to Philadelphia. And if that Boston has won the battle for your heart and the right to be called your home then there is no point in arguing and it is time to consider that relocation.       household moving goods

Moving from Philadelphia to Boston is not a particularly long journey. The distance between these cities is a mere 270 miles. They are both in the same time zone. A major difference though is the population density in Boston which is much higher - 5144 people/km², according to this indicator, that places it just after New York and San Francisco. However, compared with Philadelphia Boston proper is a less populated city but is instead spread out with tranquil suburbs and outer city regions making Boston a great prospect for setting up a family home. Comparing Philadelphia to Boston is like comparing chalk and cheese.

 One of the great joys that you will find if you make your move from Philadelphia to Boston is the abundance of opportunities for employment, recreation or hobbies. Boston is a cultural melting pot of history, modernization and tourism.

Boston is a great city with no shortage of interesting places. I can promise you that once you have made your relocation from Philadelphia to Boston you too will be lost in the wonder of this magical city.

Tourism makes the most significant contribution to the economic development of the city and that is not really surprising. The list of 'must see' places is a very long one indeed. There are more tourist guides here than anywhere else and with so many historical sites it is little wonder why. For those with the spirit of adventure, look for a line of red bricks, this will lead you from one historic site to the next and is called the Freedom Trail. The trail is 4 kilometers long and is marked with the footsteps of the millions of people have already walked its length. Following this path you will lead you to the oldest public garden in the USA, Boston Common an then on to the Massachusetts State House atop of Beacon Hill. The third point on the Freedom Trail is Park Street Church – this two hundred years old building has been nicknamed Brimstone Corner. This word combination was used by Boston residents back in 1812, because the chirch was the main storehouse for gunpowder. Completed in 1810, it became the tallest building in Boston standing at 217 feet tall and exceeding the Old North Church. By the way it was precisely in this church in 1829 that the famous anti-slavery speech was first uttered by William L. Garrison.

Old Granary Burial Ground is located just behind the church. It represents a great milestone in American history - the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Here the people who signed it are buried. King's Chapel is the fifth of 16 historical points. Tourists traditionally visit the King's Chapel Burying Ground, which is the oldest of the existing cemeteries of Boston.

Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers, sealed with his signature the all three important historical documents that underlie the formation of the United States of America as an independent nation: United States Declaration of Independence, United States Constitution and The Treaty of Paris formally ending the war for independence and ceding the thirteen colonies from Britain. His monument is located on the site of the first public school in which one of the founding fathers attended as a child.

An unmissable location is the Old Corner Bookstore located near by. It has been open since 1712. I wonder in what year was it called 'Old'? A little further on you will see The Old South Meeting House. This building was built in 1729. Back in 1773 it still remained the largest building in the city. It was here that 5000 colonists gathered to organize a protest in response to the actions of the British government. As a result, a cargo of tea belonging to the British East India Company was destroyed in the Boston Harbor. A simple action that was to have far reaching consequences in the history of America.

The Old State House has a rich history. It was fro a balcony here on July 18, 1776 that the Declaration of Independence was read out. Since 1798 the Old Capitol building has been used for commercial purposes from a collection of private shops, the wine trade, production of wigs and hats, as well as a restaurant but back then it was the Boston City Hall. Currently the 300-year old building called "the most historic building in Boston," houses the Boston museum.

There is one thing that is certain; once you go from Philadelphia to Boston there is no going back. It will seep into your heart and soul and leave you wondering why you didn't do it sooner. 

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