Moving from Phoenix to Las Vegas

Moving from Phoenix to Las Vegas

Despite the fact that you can plan your relocation from Phoenix to Las Vegas using all manner of transportation means, we often advise people to consider also the possibility of moving by road since the duration of these trips is about the same when all is said and done. Yes, of course it is faster to fly, with the flight itself taking only an hour but by the time you have been through all the usual airport things and headed down to the freight depot to find out when and where your goods will arrive you will have probable spent the same time or more that it would have taken to simply drive. Of course it is very difficult to drive nearly 300 miles from Phoenix to Las Vegas without stopping. So we recommend staying in the quaint little town of Kingman, which is 165 miles northwest of Phoenix and 85 miles southeast of Las Vegas. By the time you get here most of your journey will be complete so you can relax a little and try to remember what kind of movies you've seen this neighborhood in. If you want any spoilers it s best to skip the next paragraph.  household moving goods

 The action scenes of the crime comedy Roadhouse 66 partly take place in this city and while the film was made quite a long time ago, in fact way back in 1984, but many landscapes are still very recognizable. The main roles in the film were played by Willem Dafoe and Judge Reinhold. There was also the cult road movie "Two-Lane Blacktop" which was also filmed in this town. Those who love movie trivia will be pleased to know that this film also inspired Brock Yates, to organize the first Cannonball Run races. Kingman Airport, a local grocery store and the downtown area became the shooting locations for fantastic sci-fi action movie "Universal Soldier". Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren both portraying almost invulnerable and fearless cyborgs, the ideal machine created to carry out special operations. And just when you thought that the list of famous movies shot in this location was coming to an end the you would be wrong as the Kingman Airport was also the filming location for the movie "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" with Johnny Depp and Benicio del Toro in the lead roles. So if you are a movie buff moving from Phoenix to Las Vegas then this stop is well advised. In general, as you can see, the spirit of Las Vegas is already present 85 miles from the city itself.

Many people who visit Las Vegas as tourists say that it is the mood of the city that captures them, with an uplifting air, so that everything seems possible and within reach. Las Vegas is also very seductive when it comes to extravagance and spending. When you find yourself in this city, the actual cost of money and the value of goods will seem very vague. A city of blinding brilliance and gloss, fascinates with neon lights and dancers from the go-go bars. It's very easy to spend more money here than you planned but it is as easy to feel like you and you alone can change the world, such is the power and majesty of this place.

Eventually, like all local residents, you will gain an immunity to the glitz that and you will see the full on potential of how easy it is to make good money in this city, but also to save for a very bright future. Vegas offers much more than a tourist trap. With very low taxes and great rates of pay the opportunities can advantages can come thick and fast. In fact just for having a local ID card you may find that drink come cheaper and local newspapers and magazines often offer a lot of coupons and discounts for restaurants, shows and concerts. In addition there are lots of free entry entertainments which can be found on the Strip and downtown, free only to locals that is. Vegas really is a city that looks after its own. After all when you are surrounded by so many tourists it pays to keep the locals sweet.

Contrary to the impression that Las Vegas makes on tourists, this city is considered as one of the most favorable places to raise children. In fact many people make not only the Phoenix to Las Vegas move but from all over the country fir the fantastic suburban life that can be found right here. Behind all the glamour the locals lead the same life as people in any other city. They drive children to school, visit museums and go to the parks for picnics. The suburbs of Vegas are pretty quiet and comfortable and tourists don't call in here, because there is lots of fun that keeps them in the city center. But among the people living here is an opportunity to earn great money, save, enjoy life and most importantly build a fabulous future because Las Vegas has so much more to offer that what you see on TV. A quick trip outside town will quickly prove to you that your move from Phoenix to Las Vegas was the right one. The backdrop to this place is about as fine a place as anywhere in the whole country. In fact you could spend a very happy life here enjoying the beauty on offer without ever going near the tourist center. So what are you waiting for? You future awaits!

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