Moving from Phoenix to Los Angeles

Moving from Phoenix to Los Angeles

Phoenix is one the most populated cities among American states capital and one of the most populous cities in the country (ranked 6th). And yet still, more people choose to live and work in Los Angeles. And if your entire plan comes together then soon you will join them. What do you need to know about the City of Angels before you make your relocation from Phoenix to Los Angeles?  moving household

Well firstly Los Angeles is a fairly young city much like Phoenix. Its territory has no world-famous historical landmarks. It does however have a number of buildings in the typical early 20th century Art Deco style located in the city center. The city's historic center is practically absent as Los Angeles consists of separate areas each with its own history and attractions. So a lot depends on where you plan to live after traveling from Phoenix to L.A.

Maybe you have often visited Los Angeles for a long weekend or a holiday but for those less in the know it is a city full of opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities and sports (especially water sports). Within the areas of L.A. there are also many attractions related to art, music and cinema but for the places where you can get a little rest and also the areas where it is more appropriate to buy a house things are a little different. Let's look where the locals prefer to live.

San Fernando Valley, a place known simply as "the Valley", is a huge suburb that is home to about 40% of the Los Angeles population. It is the kind of cultural melting pot where you can find people from all walks of life. Buried within it areas in the southern parts of the valley are some of the more famous L.A. attraction such as Universal studios, Warner Bros and Walt Disney.

Wilshire is an area located east of Beverly Hills, west of downtown and south of Hollywood. Wilshire includes a number of smaller areas and includes people with very different levels of income from the average working Joe right up to the rich and famous. The most notable part of Wilshire Boulevard is called the Miracle Mile. It is a well known shopping district, full of shops, restaurants and clubs. In addition, there are many museums, including the very famous: La Brea Tar Pits, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and Petersen Automotive Museum.

Downtown Los Angeles is easily distinguished when you see the skyscrapers of the financial center. Unlike most other American cities, downtown Los Angeles is not a popular destination for tourists and aside from businesses going about their daily routing there is pretty much nothing for tourist to do. This is probably because visitors to Los Angeles are more attracted to other areas such as Hollywood, West Side beaches and the beautiful coastline.

Pasadena is located in the north-west of downtown, just a 20-minute drive away. This is not just a colorful place which, by the way, also has a lot of tourists. It is also the residential quarters of the city of Pasadena and neighboring San Marino, South Pasadena, Arcadia, filled with well-preserved historic houses and quiet squares. Not to mention the California Institute of Technology. So, if you are moving from Phoenix to Los Angeles to get a better education, you may just be interested in this particular area, or at least near to it. Caltech itself is a relatively small university, in which about 900 students and 1,200 graduate students study ever year but this does not prevent it from being one of the leading universities in the US, and one of the two most important universities specializing in science and engineering, along with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). More than 30 Nobel Prize winners are associated with Caltech along with the university owning the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which launches most of NASA's automatic spacecraft.

So if you plan to become an expert in the field of aeronautics, applied mechanics, electrical engineering, physics, mathematics, astronomy, applied physics, biochemistry, bioengineering, science and engineering of the environment, planetology and so on - you've come to the right place. The University also has a department of humanities and social science meaning that there is actually a broader spectrum of specialties than you would expect.

While L.A. is considered the entertainment capital of the world it is not the only part of the economy here. With great nearby port and rail connections Trade and trade related professions actually top the leader board for best jobs and best job prospects back up by opportunities in the aerospace, technology, petroleum, fashion and telecommunications. Which means a move from Phoenix to Los Angeles could open the right doors for you and your family. So with such a great future ahead of you isn't it tome you planned your Phoenix to Los Angeles move and swap the "The Valley of the sun" for the "city of sunshine and flowers".

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