Moving from Phoenix to San Diego

Moving from Phoenix  to San Diego

San Diego is the oldest American city on the west coast and has been a place of settlement for a very long time. The city that we know today was founded by the Spaniards in 1769. Since that time, the city has become a lot more populated and one of the most popular destinations for people who are looking for a better work, study and leisure life balance. People say that the climate makes San Diego a special city. Often you can hear that San Diego is the only place in the US with excellent weather. Of course, this is not exactly true as our country has many cities with what you could consider to be excellent weather and climate. San Diego is however one of the first cities to be ranked as a place with "the best year-round weather," not only in America but throughout the world.  household

What is so attractive about the climate of San Diego? It is remarkable that more than 200 days per year the temperature is above 70 °F. but before you think that you may be stuck in hot weather hell you will be happy to hear that only 4 days per year the temperature exceeds 88 °F and it is this climate stability that makes everyday a fine day in San Diego. Despite the proximity of the ocean, the air is still very dry and rainfall only generally happens in the wintertime. After your relocation from Phoenix to San Diego is complete you will see that it is possible to live through a whole summer and not even see one single raindrop. Although dense clouds often appear over the continent making it look like it might. If you choose to live at a distance of about five miles from the ocean, there are no longer clouds which will hang over your head but you will get a better view. Precipitation in San Diego more often than not falls from November to April but don't expect to see a lot of it.

Locals and visitors often say that the ocean is warmer here than in Los Angeles and that you can swim almost all year round and not just in the summertime. The ocean surf attracts surfers to the waves in the water all year round so if you are in to water sports then it's probably the right place for you. If after moving from Phoenix to San Diego, you want to try a new kind of activity, take a body-board and leap forward, into the abyss of the waves. There is no feeling quite like it. Using a body-board it fairly simple and incredibly exciting fun as you ride a 5-6 foot wave all the way to the shore.

In addition to the paradisiacal climate San Diego has a good labor market with a variety of different vacancies and educational opportunities. In 2006, the Money Magazine put San Diego in 5th place in the list of "best cities to live". Before you move from Phoenix to San Diego do some research into information about the areas of the city in which you will enjoy living the most. If you are not yet sure as to the best location which is most suitable for you then consider renting a house for a short time so that you can look around and find the place in the city that would be perfect for you. San Diego city consists of 18 distinct districts. The most famous of them are the Gaslamp Quarter, Little Italy, Coronado, La Jolla, La Mesa and Carlsbad. However, the final choice you must make for yourself. Each of these areas has its own pluses and minuses and everybody has things that they would like to have near them and more so than most places each of these regions is very different, they are individual, have their own character and are located on different terrain. That is one thing you will notice the most when you go from Phoenix to San Diego. The landscape is very varied all across the city and no two parts are similar. It is what adds to the charm of the city.

If you want to live close to the ocean, maybe you should start looking for a new home by searching popular beach locations. It may sound odd but if you plan to spend a lot of time in on or around the beach then it should be a priority feature of your location. La Jolla Shores is located in the dormitory area of the La Jolla. It's a nice beach with a large free parking area, where there are empty seats, even during the hot summer weekdays, although finding parking on weekends does tend to be a little problematic. Coronado Beach is quite spacious and you can always find a free place along the sands. It is notable for the fact that the hotel in which the movie "Some Like It Hot" was filmed is quiet close. Pacific Beach and Mission Beach are always full of travelers, especially on sunny days and contains a lot of movement, cafes, bars and shops. Torrey Pines Beach is a unique beach, which is located in north of San Diego and is interesting because it is aligned with the Torrey Pines State Reserve, where the beautiful cliffs provide some stunning hiking trails which traverse the beach. No matter what you decide you will find that this city it truly like no other so make your Phoenix to San Diego move today and start your better sunnier happier tomorrow.

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