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Moving from Phoenix to Tucson

Moving from Phoenix to Tucson

The city of Tucson is located in the south of Arizona, in the territory of a large oasis in the valley of Santa Cruz, surrounded by semi-desert plateau. And yes, I know what you are thinking about it being a desert but until you have lived in this oasis haven you will never have experienced the beauty that is has to offer. The distance from Phoenix to Tucson is around 116 miles and while Phoenix is the capital and largest city of the state it lacks a few joys that make Tucson the better place to live. In fact Tucson has several advantages that allow it to compete with neighboring cities in the battle for the love of their inhabitants within Arizona State, and it often wins.  moving household

Tucson's economy and development is largely related to the University of Arizona, which is not only the biggest educational institution of the state but has been the focus of the region since its founding in the late 1800's. Currently, the university is the second largest employer in the city but before you panic about a lack of career opportunities remember that the city's economy is quite diverse. So much so that many people are choosing a relocation from Phoenix to Tucson to find a better job or start a new career. An important role in the local economy belongs to high-tech industries, including the military with manufacturing also providing a large chunk. But more and more tourism has been developing with people drawn to the great climate, little rain and even mountain skiing opportunities. Yes, you can ski in the desert thanks to the fabulous Mount Lemmon. Every year approximately 3.5 million tourists visit the city but this is not that surprising given the beauty on offer in and around the city. Every person who loves traveling and exploring new lands certainly needs to visit Tucson and plunge themselves into this fascinating and mysterious world. After all, in addition to the tourist destination, people will be able to improve their health and fill themselves with positive vibes and this trip, I'm pretty sure, will be remembered for a lifetime. Statistics have shown that a lot of people are moving from Phoenix to Tucson to enjoy these benefits after visiting the city on vacation and who can blame them. With everything from desert cactus walks, mountain hikes, skiing or a trip to the sky island to see the observatory what better way is there to enjoy the climate of this region?

Tucson is located in the Sonoran Desert and is surrounded on all sides by mountain ranges. The landscape is surprisingly varied for a desert with hills, dry riverbeds, rocky canyons, cacti, plants, and all of this under a clear blue sky that seems to be endless. Once the Santa Cruz River flowed through the city and previously, it had been deep and was the main source of water, but over time it has dried out through overuse from the expansion of the city and a combination of natural disasters. Today, its channel is filled with water only during the rainy season but each year about two hundred and eighty millimeters of precipitation falls in the vicinity of the city. Typically, the rains here are either in the summer or in the winter and do not last long but when they do come it really knows how to rain. But while this monsoon type rain can be a little annoying those who prepare well for it almost never notice it anymore as it can last as little as a matter of days.

The city is famous far beyond that of a place with recreational resort conditions. Not far from Tucson is the location of a resort-clinic where they treat diseases associated with respiratory organs and related diseases. Due to the natural healing properties of the dry desert air, people suffering from respiratory diseases, as well as elderly citizens often move to permanent residence in this city for the health benefits alone. One of the differences, when we compare Phoenix to Tucson, is the proximity of the mountains to Tucson which brings down fresh snowmelt air which when mixed with the desert air creates a special atmosphere.

The cost of living is one of the most powerful advantages of Tucson. Thanks to Business Week Magazine the city has the proud title of the most affordable place to live in retirement. Tucson is a very picturesque place and is surrounded by more than 100 parks, numerous golf courses, and beautiful mountain and desert landscapes. Tucson also has good hospitals and an efficient transport system.

For 284 days a year here the sun shines. But it is because of its location at an altitude of 800 meters above sea level, that the temperature here is a little lower than in Phoenix. It is not surprising that older people prefer to move from Phoenix to Tucson to live in this better climate. And the lower cost of living lets them save money for travels and vacations to other states or countries.

So if you think that this little mountain gem is the change you need then perhaps you should start your journey to 'The Old Pueblo' today.

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