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Moving from Portland to San Francisco

Moving from Portland to San Francisco

San Francisco is a city pleases the eye more than most with its beauty and touches the soul. It is a city blessed with opportunities for a good education, professional development, and entertainment to delight the whole family. Which is why many people think that a relocation from Portland to San Francisco is the right choice for them. household goods

This wonderful city is located among the dozens of hills that make up the area and of course surround the famous valleys of the region. The most famous among them are the hills called Twin Peaks. They are located in the heart of the San Francisco Peninsula and are a very popular tourist attraction. If there is no fog up here which means that from the heights of the hills you can see an amazing panorama of the city. The hills are located at a distance of about 200 meters from each other and have their own names. The north hill is called Eureka and the south is named Noe. The top of the northern hill is equipped with the popular observation platform known as the "Christmas Tree Point". From this fenced area you will see a beautiful 360-degree view of San Francisco and the bay. If you want to see more, just use one of the telescopes and you will get a view that is simply unforgettable. Many people believe that the night view from Twin Peaks is even more impressive. After moving from Portland to San Francisco you will be able to personally climb the hill to enjoy the dizzying views of the city which is now your new home, and most importantly, you will get the change to decide for yourself which view is better - the day or the night.

The Portland to San Francisco distance is quite significant and involves a drive of some 10 hours or more. And we are talking about driving time so don't forget to add time to make a few stops for comfort breaks and to stretch your legs, get some sleep or eat. But for those that plan well this trip can be a breeze and of course, after such a journey you may need to schedule at least two or three days to rest. Which, strangely enough, is a great opportunity to combine your trip with a mini holiday so you can get out and learn a little more about San Francisco and enjoy some of the wonders first hand.

It may sound a little silly but get out and enjoy some of the tourist hotspots like the area surrounding Fisherman's Wharf. Enjoy the view, visit the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park, wander down and see the aquarium, visit famous Pier 39, interact with some of the sea creatures and have dinner in one of the cozy restaurants.

Looking for something a little more lively after a long road trip? Then head on down to North Beach where there are plenty of bars, night clubs and prestigious restaurants or take a wander over and climb the Lillian Coit Memorial Tower and admire the millions of lights of the night city. Fancy a little shopping? Union Square area is waiting for you with boutiques galore and everything you could ever want from designer clothes to household goods. If you want something a little more unique then try Chinatown with its authentic flavor and soul.

In addition, the city has many museums, beautiful parks, sublime buildings built in the classical style, harbors, sandy beaches and much more. I'm surprised it is not called the city of wonders. The city district Civic Center is where the San Francisco City Hall is located as well as the two large squares of the Civic Center Plaza and United Nations Plaza which are a great place to sit and watch the world go by while surrounded by classical architectural style buildings. In the South of Market you will find several museums, such as Zeum, the popular children's museum, and San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Locals often call this part of the city SoMa for short, which is easy to see why. Since the 1960s, the area Haight-Ashbury has been the center of the counterculture. It is a popular place for hippies and punks and people who prefer an alternative lifestyle or look but if you prefer something a little more traditional then near Alamo Square park there are rows of Victorian houses, known as the Painted Ladies. They may be a few years old but these ladies are still stunningly beautiful.

Once you have completed your move from Portland to San Francisco it is time to think about what it means to be a resident here in The City by the Bay and you can't do this unless you have been to one of the main attractions of the city, the fabulous Golden Gate Park. And why specifically did I pick this location? If you get to the rocky shores of Lands End, you will see the most spectacular views of the Golden Gate Bridge, the Pacific Ocean and the entrance to the bay and is the only location that perfectly frames all of these things. Perhaps it is here that you will understand that you are completely and irrevocably in love with this city.

The journey from Portland to San Francisco may seem like a long way but the rewards have always been worth it.

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