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Moving from Raleigh to Charlotte

Moving from Raleigh to Charlotte

Relocation from Raleigh to Charlotte is often considered a local move because it takes place within the one state. In general, this happens quite often. People are happy to move from one city to another but stay within a familiar state. To some moving from Raleigh to Charlotte is considered a backwards step, leaving the state capital behind and moving to the largest city in the state. But the reality is something different. Charlotte is not just a large city, it is a place where dreams are made and futures built through boundless opportunities.  household goods

The distance from Raleigh to Charlotte is only 150-170 miles, depending on which route you choose to travel. The shorter route passes through the town of Carthage and the beautiful Uwharrie National Forest. If you decide to make the stop on your Raleigh to Charlotte adventure, then the smallest of the four National Forests in North Carolina is a good choice for a little relaxation or a picnic.

The second way is a little longer and passes the city of Greensboro, famous for its gardens and parks. If you swing by here then be sure to stop and see the Bicentennial Garden, Greensboro Arboretum, Blandwood Mansion and Gardens, Newbridge Bank Park or the Guilford Courthouse National Military Park. These are great places for a short rest on the way to your new home.

Charlotte itself always makes a bold impression on newly arrived visitors. It is a clean and well maintained city with a delightful city center packed full of shopping places and coffee shops. In the morning on weekdays it is full of office workers - all as one in suits and white shirts, leather briefcase in hand, scurrying back and forth in an attempt not to be late for an appointment. Nothing gives that big city feel like a productive city center.

The heart of Charlotte is rather large and almost completely built up with skyscrapers. But don’t get fooled, Charlotte has been building up for many decades, so alongside new high-rise buildings are the there are old remnants of historic Charlotte which is no less charming and very well maintained.

For a long time Charlotte has been famous for its innovation. Here the first cash dispenser was invented as well as the famous Coca-Cola. Today, the citizens are also proud to introduce new solutions to old problems. For example, in Charlotte, people were not content to park their cars on the streets so they invented an apartment building equipped with a special lifts for cars. The elevator takes you to the desired floor, where your garage is located, and right behind it is your apartment. Astounding!

If you are looking for entertainment then you will find a lot of places to fulfill your desire. One of the main streets of the city even has a whole block of cafes, restaurants and clubs. It is called "Epicenter" and is the place to be.

If you have purchased real estate in the suburbs, you can get to the center by car or using the subway, which is gaining popularity in many large US cities. Indeed, firstly, every suburban station is equipped with ample parking, and secondly, it eliminates traffic jams that form on urban roads in the middle of rush hour. Many residents of Charlotte already appreciate these benefits - despite the fact that most of them have at least one private car, the subway trains are consistently filled with passengers all the time. This invariably contributes to the convenience, cleanliness and speed of trains. If you are planning pleasure trip into the city, it is best to go there at lunchtime. This way you can enjoy the modern transportation solutions with relative ease.

One of the places worth visiting if you have kids is the Public Library of Charlotte. An introduction to the world of reading here is fun and exciting. Hundreds, maybe even thousands of tomes with fairy tales, bright pictures, stories and many others have found their place in the stylish low-rise shelves designed specially for small children. Entertaining and educational activities are regularly held here with employees of the library. The number of exhibits on display here shows you a different side to the library such as power generators, solar cells, chemical reaction making it more like an interactive museum and a true must see.

If you are interested in photography you will discover a world of new muses in the local monuments and parks. For example, the city has an amusing direction sign. Gathered on this sign is information on many cities such as Charlotte's namesake and places not only in the United States but also abroad, such as in Australia, which is 10 thousand miles away. Once you have completed your move from Raleigh to Charlotte I can assure you that you won't be disappointed. Thanks to its current boomtown nature your future is looking bright. With lots of big businesses, opportunities and exciting entertainment you might be forgiven for wondering what was so special about your old home.


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