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Moving from San Diego to Phoenix

Moving from San Diego to Phoenix

Approximately 350 miles is all the distance that separates you from Phoenix - the jewel in the desert. This thriving economic powerhouse in the sun has been growing since the time of the first farmers who settled here. From there it has just grown from strength to strength thanks to the 5 C's: copper, cattle, climate, cotton and citrus. From these employment opportunities in the city has grown considerably and now the list of sectors of the economy which are booming are longer than this article.  moving quote

Phoenix is a platform for such corporations like Intel, Avnet, Freeport-McMoRan, PetSmart, Republic Services, American Express, Best Western, US Airways and many others. This means that moving from San Diego to Phoenix will allow you to consider your options for employment to be in the production of electronic devices, computer components, agricultural products, pet products, etc. And if those don't float your boat then there are always the traditional employment areas of mining, farming or utilities all of which are big employers.

To overcome the San Diego to Phoenix divide you pretty much take your pick whether you want to fly, take a train or drive. However, if like most people you plan to take your car with you to your new home, it is reasonable to cover the distance from San Diego to Phoenix in about 6 hours. Assuming that there are no hold-up or delays.

If you are lucky enough to get to drive this route you will find that the road passes through some very picturesque places. It goes through the Cleveland National Forest, near Pine Valley, past the City of Mexicali and across the town of Yuma. On the left side of you The Kofa National Wildlife Refuge stretches out and after a while you will come to the Sonoran Desert National Monument. By the time you get here you are almost in Phoenix and a long journey filled with delightful distractions is over.

Picnic areas, hiking in the mountains, biking or horseback riding - all of this can be found in the Cleveland National Forest. Walking in this reserve is very popular with beautiful views of the ocean and of the lakes free for visitors to enjoy. Forests and grasslands have become a habitat for a variety of animals and birds and the various herbs and flowers grow here in abundance. When it comes time to schedule your move from San Diego to Phoenix try to make it possible to make a stop here. I promise you won't be disappointed.

Pine Valley is a census-designated place in which about 1,500 people live. This place got its name in honor of the Jeffrey pine, a type of pine tree almost unique to the west coast of America. The resin of this tree is different from the usual pine resin by its smell. It does not smell of turpentine, such as the western yellow pine. It has a smell of lemon and vanilla. By the way, if you are interested in the nature of the neighborhood, you should know that the oldest Jeffrey pine was discovered on Tioga Pass, California in 1964. Its age was measured at 813 years. The tallest pine trees grow in Yosemite National Park, and stand to a height of almost 57 meters.

In the city of Mexicali, you can find a good cafe or restaurant and order dishes of traditional American and Mexican cuisine. There are also a lot of Mexican goods and souvenirs on offer. In fact, many residents of Nevada and Arizona come here not only for shopping or recreation, but also to take advantage of dental services. Traditionally, they are cheaper here than in other cities, so if you didn't want to smile before you soon will after.

If you make your relocation from San Diego to Phoenix in February, you can visit the rodeo parade, which takes place in the city of Yuma each year. In the spring you will have the chance to participate in The Yuma County Fair. But don't forget to take a look at the cinema Rialto. The most expensive pipe organ in history is here. Previously, they have been used to create music for silent films but nowadays they are enjoyed by visitors.

The Kofa National Wildlife Refuge was established to protect the desert bighorn sheep but you can also see foxes, coyotes, rabbits, deer and many other animals here. This place has a lot of small ponds with waterfowl and the sharp peaks of the mountains and the flat foothills are filled with different kinds of herbs. People love to walk to these places, to inspect the old mines, climb the mountains or visit the canyon.

A variety of animals and plants, archeological sites and interesting rock art sites are located in the Sonoran Desert National Monument. This reserve was created in 2001 to protect the unique system of desert landscape. Now several endangered species live here in their natural habitat. Just the way it should be!

By the way, despite the fact that the Phoenix itself is located in a desert valley, it is virtually surrounded by forest reserves.  

So maybe it is time for that move to the desert jewel to begin your life anew and enjoy this amazing wonder of the US. Prosperity and sunshine for all.

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