Moving can be very difficult if you have 5 kids, like I do. However, it can be hassle free. These movers helped me so much to reduce the level of stress and handle my moving in a reasonable timeframe. They provided me with a great plan. I just followed it and it worked!
Carry S.
I moved from Chicago to Boston. It’s not just few boxes, but the whole house. It deemed it would be a nightmare, but these guys worked very professionally. Nothing got broken or lost. I arrived in time to settle down and take new position at the company. Thank you is what I can honestly say to these movers.
Mark Spotz
For the first time in life I was not completely stressed out during the moving. They handled it professionally and in no time I found myself unpacking stuff at the new location. It worked great for me.
Belinda M.
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Moving from San Francisco to Las Vegas

Moving from San Francisco to Las Vegas

The quickest way to cover the distance from San Francisco to Las Vegas is definitely by flying. The reason for this is that there are more than 150 flights per week making the San Francisco to Las Vegas run meaning that not only are they fairly cheap but you can pretty much go whenever you are ready with a wide choice of departure times, airline companies, and a choice of comfort levels you can be sure that you flight will be relaxing. The flight itself takes about one and a half hours, not including time for loading and unloading both your belongings and yourself. moving quote

However, if you want to make your relocation from San Francisco to Las Vegas something more enjoyable than just a move, but to turn it into a real journey of discovery, then it is best to make the trip by road. Because you may not be aware but there are many beautiful and interesting places waiting for you on the way to Las Vegas. The only hard bit is choosing which way to go and what to stop for. If you choose the more scenic coast road then sublime ocean views await you. This route will also take you through San Jose, Monterey, King City, Bakersfield and then to Las Vegas. You can even check in and see Los Angeles, but it will significantly lengthen your journey.

Following this route when moving from San Francisco to Las Vegas, gives you a great excuse to stop and visit the city of Monterey, known for its numerous and wonderful attractions. Among them is one of the best aquariums in the country, the historic buildings near the port and the first Californian cultural institutions which include a theater, library and more. Just a few kilometers from the city at the bottom of Monterey Bay are some unique underwater canyons. Their formation attracts a huge variety of marine animal and plant life in a relatively small area of the ocean close to the coast, meaning that this place also attracts the attention of biologists, geologists and other scientists from around the world. But if scuba diving was not on your to-do list then you can simply enjoy a stroll along and enjoy Cannery Row which is crammed full of some pretty amazing small shops and restaurants. With its coastal heritage there are some especially good fish restaurants where you can dine while enjoying a view of the Pacific Ocean.

On the way out of Monterey Bay is the very beautiful and very winding "17-Mile Drive". It runs right along the Pacific coast between the beaches and cliffs and occasionally dives into the woods and groves as it winds around the peninsula. It is here that you will find some of the most expensive mansions in California.

About halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles is Hearst Castle. This historical monument stands 8km away from the ocean and contains 56 bedrooms, 61 washroom, 19 living rooms on top of several swimming pools and tennis courts, a movie theater, an airfield and the world's largest private zoo. This place once belonged to William Hearst, the magnate and founder of the "Hearst Corporation", who got this estate from his father. He put a lot of time and effort into bringing this castle into the form which we can see now. In the 1940's countless Hollywood stars and parties were held in the Hearst’s house and it was even visited by some very famous names such as Calvin Coolidge, Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and Charlie Chaplin. Nowadays it is a popular tourist attraction and for a small fee you can enjoy a guided tour around this remarkable building.

If you are planning a slightly more direct route then the road through inland California is the way to go and it is on this route that the Sequoia National Park is located. If you want to see the biggest trees in the world, the giant sequoia, then this route is for you. Not far from here is where you can stop at Yosemite National Park. The park is world famous for its landscapes and nature: the spectacular granite cliffs, waterfalls, rivers with clear water, sequoias trees and rich biological diversity (about 89% of the park is considered a wildlife zone meaning that nothing can be built there, not even a viewing lodge). Every year more than 3.5 million tourists visit this park and enjoy its splendor.

Your third option when making your move from San Francisco to Las Vegas is through eastern California. To the west of Lone Pine you can find Whitney Portal. This is a beautiful desert landscape with camping spots. In fact they filmed a lot of movies about the Wild West here and just a little further down the road is the infamous and awe-inspiring "Death Valley". If you are not so fond of the desert heat then I suggest that you consider coming through here in either late spring or early autumn. Many people don’t realize but Death Valley actually has below zero temperature during the winter! But regardless of whether you are a lover of the desert or not and what time of year you make your trip, do not forget to stock up on water before entering the valley. Remember Safety first.

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