Moving from San Francisco to Portland

Moving from San Francisco to Portland

Portland is one of the greenest cities in America, and at the same time it is a lively, modern metropolis, full of motion. This means that there are many opportunities to be found here, even if you are moving from San Francisco to Portland.

Portland is located about 100 km from the Pacific Ocean but that has not stopped it from becoming a true port city. Port terminals along both rivers are connected by rail, road and river transport and more than one thousand of companies are directly or indirectly related to the shipping traffic or import/export. The main product exported through the port is actually wheat, while things like cars and steel are imported. The total volume of exports and imports for the port is estimated at $14 billion annually.  household moving goods

Portland International Airport is located a short 20 minute drive northeast of downtown Portland close to the Columbia River. Portland Airport is the largest in the state of Oregon and it serves over 13 million passengers per year. You can also travel to the city by train, bus or car thanks to its great statewide transportation system.

Portland is often the destination of choice because it has a high standard of living and a rich selection of workplaces for employment. It is one of the primary reasons that people are preferring a relocation from San Francisco to Portland over many other nearby states and cities.

 Important sectors of the city's economy are the manufacturing industry (including heavy), agriculture, tourism, mining and transportation.

The extensive forests, logging and the production of timber for construction purposes have traditionally played an important role in the economy of Oregon and even today Oregon continues to be the major player in the production of lumber from softwood in the United States but more than that Oregon is the leader, and the only major producer of nickel in the country making mining a paramount industry.

In Portland, the so-called "Silicon Forest" has grown incredibly fast. This is an area in which major manufacturers of computer, electronic engineering and software are located. There are approximately 1,200 high-tech companies at work here.

A move from San Francisco to Portland will allow you to find work on a farm or open your own business in this field if you so desire it. Agriculture is particularly well developed in the Willamette Valley, where farmers grow vegetables, fruits, flowers and berries on the fertile fields and in purpose built greenhouses. Hazelnut production and traditional Christmas symbols such as the fir tree is strongly developed and sold country wide. A more surprising new product successfully grown here is cranberries which are growing ever popular as a health food. The mild climate of Oregon even makes the wine industry surprisingly strong and ever developing.

Portland has a wonderful mix of historic and modern architecture. But the main pride of the city is the parks and gardens. It is an amazingly green city, with large areas of well-groomed landscape which retains its natural beauty and is protected from urbanization. The area of Forest Park that stretches along the slopes of the Willamette River is in close proximity to a residential areas and is considered one of the largest such parks in the country. The total length of walking and cycling paths inside the park is more than 100 km and the longest of them, the Wildwood Trail, is more than 40 km in length.

Another important green area is Washington Park, located near the city center, which serves as a platform for Oregon Zoo, the Portland Japanese Garden, and the International Rose Test Garden which is the oldest in the United States and where they grow more than 550 varieties. Another popular park zone is the Tom McCall Waterfront Park which is located downtown on the waterfront of the Willamette River. Worthy of mention is also the classical Lan Su Chinese Garden located in Portland's Chinatown and Mount Tabor Park located on volcano's slopes.

When planning the city, architects always take into account the natural features of the landscape and try not to disturb the natural harmony. So they made an esplanade on the east bank of the Willamette which follows the natural curves of the river. By the way, after you shift from San Francisco to Portland, you will soon understand that bridges are an important part of the urban panorama and city life. People here like nothing more than just walking along the bridges and taking photos with them as a background. It is one of the few occasions where bridge art is more popular than anything else, primarily the Saint John suspension bridge, which is recognizable thanks to a pair of supports with sharp spires.

So make architectural art a part of your life and make that San Francisco to Portland move. I promise you that you won't find a greener or more sublime city anywhere in the US. With natural beauty at your doorstep and opportunities everywhere you would be foolish to consider anywhere else.

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