Moving from San Francisco to Sacramento

Moving from San Francisco to Sacramento

Sacramento, the capital of California is located in the northern part of the Central Valley and is the oldest city in California with a very varied and rich, colorful history. It was an American pioneer of Swiss origin by the name of John Sutter that came to this land in 1839 where upon he built Sutter Fort and founded a trading colony. In 1850, Sacramento became the first city in California and only four years later, the city became the capital of this blooming state. The speed of the city's development took place primarily due to the geographical location on which it sits. Along these ancient trails new transport links exist meaning that a relocation from San Francisco to Sacramento can be done easily within a day or even half a day if you are well prepared and organized.  household goods

Sacramento is the most western point along the path of the first transcontinental railroad and the famous Pony Express courier company which began shipping mail in the late 1850's. In later years shipping canals connected the city to the sea with direct access to San Francisco Bay. It was this harbor access that provided transportation of agricultural and industrial goods worldwide and continues to do so today. This sea channel along with three rail lines and four highways form the modern transport interchange of Sacramento. But of course being a modern city it also has two airports. The domestic airport is located in the city center while Sacramento International Airport is located in the north-west. With a passenger turnover of about 9 million people per year and airports which operate flights to all major US cities as well as in Guadalajara it is possible to get to and from Sacramento very easily. But if you are planning a flight to another country it is still recommended that you head to the nearby San Francisco airport due to its greater degree of choice when it comes to flying abroad.

The distance from San Francisco to Sacramento is 75 miles as the crow flies which means that no matter how you wish your relocation to go it is a fairly easy process with an abundance of choices. If you decide to take the bus, you could find yourself in your new home within two hours assuming that the traffic is kind to you. The train ride will be a little longer, but still less than three hours. This delay is mainly due to train timetables and the number of stops they have to make along the way but it is still a very viable option. If like most people you plan to self-drive then you are looking at about a one and a half hour journey, just watch out for the time of day you move to avoid jams and delays.

If you are planning to look for work after moving from San Francisco to Sacramento, you should know that the foundation of the city's economy is the government sector. The local government authorities of California that are located in the city provide work to more than 73 thousand people with many workplaces in areas such as health, education, electronics and information technology. The company headquarters of Sutter Health, Blue Diamond Growers, Aerojet, Teichert and The McClatchy Company are also located in the city while the Intel Corporation has significant manufacturing facilities in the vicinity of the city with about 6,000 employees working here. But don't be dismayed if this is not your dream job because Sacramento, like all major cites has a varied economy thanks to its links with the sea meaning that jobs for pretty much anything you can think of is to be found somewhere within the metro area.

So, why are people choosing to move from San Francisco to Sacramento? Well firstly the city is the perfect place for a quiet (maybe even a little lazy) life and work balance. Locals say that external stimuli are virtually absent because it is a city that provides. People of Sacramento rarely have to look outside the city limits to get their needs fulfilled even when San Francisco is so close. Secondly is the convenient public transport system which is helped by the well constructed road layout. The city is built to be very spacious so you can easily find a place to park your car. And thirdly the entertainment; every summer the city holds several film festivals, for which many people come from around the world to take part in: the French Film Festival, the Japanese Film Festival, the Trash Film Orgy and the Horror Film Festival being among some of the delights on offer. Some films have even been made or are still shot in Sacramento. For example, some of the scenes of the popular TV series 'The Mentalist' were made here.

When it comes to picking your new home or apartment, pay attention to how long ago this part of the city was built. The long-established parts of the city have such an advantage as they were built surrounded by trees making it spacious and beautiful. Newer areas, on the contrary, may have a lack of trees but really it comes down to personal choice. Either way that San Francisco to Sacramento is sure to fire your imagination and bring joy to your life.

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