I have a collection of dishes and pots and had to move all that from one town to another. I was really particular about the moving company to work with. My condition was not to get any item broken and they managed to meet it! I was very pleased to move with this company.
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Moving from San Francisco to Seattle

Moving from San Francisco to Seattle

Seattle is often called the "Emerald City" because it is located amid the scenic green hills descending to the Puget Sound bay. This is a very comfortable city and despite the fact that it is a huge industrial center, it also maintains the friendliness usually characteristic of small towns. At the same time the old-timers of the city, as well as people who have recently arrived here, for example those who have chosen a relocation from San Francisco to Seattle have ample employment opportunities and endless entertainment possibilities.  household

The rapid development of Seattle began in the middle of last century. At this time, the city actively traded in timber which caused massive growth in the shipbuilding industry. Even in modern times this trading activity of the city has not stopped. The Port of Seattle is among the ten largest ports in North America and is a major gateway for trade with Asia and the rest of the world. It is believed that the port directly or indirectly creates about 190,000 jobs in the Northwestern United States and it is still growing.

Technology and Internet companies are actively working in Seattle thanks to it being the home of Microsoft. According to the recently released results of the research titled 'Most Unwired Cities', conducted by the Intel Corporation, the most "advanced" city of the United States on the prevalence of wireless access technologies and the Internet is Seattle. It has even outstripped San Francisco (the city was recognized as the champion of America for the implementation of wireless access technologies in the previous year), as well as Portland, Oregon (winner of the survey two years ago). So if you want to answer the question playfully about your reason for moving from San Francisco to Seattle, now you can say that you prefer to live in the city which is not only a technology leader but the most advanced in the US. In fact, residents of Seattle and the surrounding area can now connect to the Internet to get information and be entertained in the web almost anywhere: in Starbucks coffee shops, Pike Place market, in the Bank of America Tower, at the Seattle-Tacoma international airport and the Space Needle tower or in more down to earth places like busses and internet hotspots.

When it comes to the traveling part of your journey the San Francisco to Seattle journey is quite long. In a straight line it is somewhere in the region of 670 miles or more accurately this is the distance that you will travel if you chose aircraft as a means of transport. Traveling on the highway will be a bit longer because it is around 800 miles. Not an un-drivable distance by any means but it can still turn out to be a bit of a long one. If you are experiencing difficulties with the organization of your move, our company will be able to take all the trouble on itself. Employees of our company will calculate the best route for you and for the transport of your property. We will take into account all the details: the number of people who will travel from San Francisco to Seattle, the amount of things that you plan to take with you, the presence of pets and more. You just need to decide what things to take with you, what kind of transport will be the most comfortable for you, and of course,  plan how will go about your exploration of the city when you arrive.

A great place to start your overview of the city would be to head to Elliott Bay and Lake Washington. This is a great place to appreciate the beauty of the city. One of the great joys of Mount Rainier is the snow covered top which creates the perfect backdrop for Seattle and is often used for Seattle themed logos. However, this is not the all beauty of this area. If your move from San Francisco to Seattle falls in April, do not miss the opportunity to visit the Skagit Valley during the days of the Tulip Festival. In the frame of the mountains that surround the valley you will see gorgeous flower carpets as far as the eye can see, "woven" white-red-pink-yellow-blue rainbows and just a vast sea of tulips, daffodils and irises. The first flower bulbs were actually brought here as far back as the mid 1830 by immigrants from Holland. Flowers love this place because of the fertile mountain soils, the vast wooded areas and of course the climate and I'm confident enough to say that more than likely, you'll love it, too.

Seattle is one of the greenest and most environmentally friendly cities in the world. The total area of the city which is some 80 square miles holds 400 parks. That is 5 parks per square mile! But that's not all! Not only are the streets and squares covered with greenery, but also the upper floors of skyscrapers. Private mansions also flaunt in front of each other with their landscaping and ornamental plantings. But it is the salty ocean bay, numerous lakes, rivers and streams that really give Seattle its "Emeraldiness". So why not show your love of nature and head on up to the city of flowers!

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