Moving from San Jose to Las Vegas

Moving from San Jose to Las Vegas

In recent years many of our clients have asked for help to move from San Jose to Las Vegas. Most often it is young people who are in search of work or they are young couples who want to spend a few years in the city of fun and entertainment. But more and more the demographic of people looking to make this move has switched to more mature adults who dream not only about changing their place of residence, but are looking for that special spark and the totally new experience of living in such an unusual city. Surprisingly enough Las Vegas is ideal for all these people. There is more to see and do in Vegas than just the bright lights of the hotels and casinos of the strip. It is also a great place to live and work meaning that moving from San Jose to Las Vegas can give you a significant career boost. household

Nevada has always been a different and free-minded place, Las Vegas in particular. People are not afraid to be themselves as can be clearly seen in their fairly free style of clothing. It is the only place where you can go to a drive thru- wedding chapel or just experience a real 24 hour culture. Even people who don’t like to gamble cannot help but be drawn by the bright lights and glamour of this amazingly unique city. One thing is certainly not in doubt; if you make the San Jose to Las Vegas move you will certainly make your life infinitely more full, fun and interesting.

In terms of entertainment Las Vegas is way ahead of any other city. Even when you consider some of the interesting cities on the West Coast. Take San Jose for example. There are a huge number of attractions from the San Jose Center for the Performing Arts, The Tech Museum of Innovation, San Jose Museum of Art and even the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum and yet all these things cannot compete with the almost endless list of entertainment on offer in Vegas.

It is for this reason that people pick that relocation from San Jose to Las Vegas, just to get a portion of the fun. For many people, Las Vegas and casinos are synonymous. I wonder how many movies have shown us these velvet tables, flashing machines, deposits of chips, chirping roulette wheels and eyes burning with excitement? Dozens? Hundreds? The real number is probably in the thousands. Today there are over a hundred casinos operating in Vegas as well as thousands of gaming halls and more hotels with entertainment than anyone can count. If there is a hotel theme you are looking for then chances are that Vegas has it on offer somewhere. Hotels and clubs of Las Vegas are considered unique because it is here more than anywhere else that you can end up nose to nose with some celebrity. As an odd piece of trivia it has been calculated that if you were to spend one night in every hotel room in Vegas you would have to stay there for over 288 years!

But before you start thinking that Vegas is only a city of gambling allow me to let you in on a little secret. It is actually the side shows, concerts and sporting events that actually pull in the most tourists. No wonder people call this city the entertainment capital of the world. They have simply everything here: comedy shows, illusionists and other magicians, circus performances, programs for adults, hypnotists, and concerts by famous stars, musicals, dance shows, sporting events and just occasionally a poker competition.

Las Vegas is a place for people with a lust for life. For those who can not sit still and be bored for the rest of their days. If you want to live in Vegas then prepare for a taste of the fast life, and I don't just mean the entertainment. The people here simply love to be doing something. If they are not out having fun with friends and family then they are just not happy. Just don't get caught up in thinking that the strip is all there is to Vegas. When you live there you will probably find you spend very little time there as there is so much more to see and do than the tourist trap. Take a drive outside of town and you will soon see what I mean, and when I say drive I mean drive because if you don’t have a car around here you won't go far in a hurry. While there is great public transport on offer people quickly forget that the city of Las Vegas is actually a massive sprawling place and as soon as you go out of town it can be a long way to the nearest anywhere. But once you get outside of the city you will not be sorry. Surrounded by some of the best desert scenery in the world Vegas is home to the Lake of fire and the Red Rock Canyon, not to mention the most famous dam in the world, the Hoover Dam.

On a more down to earth scale Vegas in not quite the Sin city that it is portrayed. Head to any of the beautiful quiet suburbs and you will soon discover a whole new side to the city. These are but a few of the any reasons why people are happy to swap from San Jose to Las Vegas for a weekend away or a vacation or for a whole new life. After all, once you have had a taste of what this amazing place has to offer it is hard to go anywhere else.

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