Moving from Seattle to Los Angeles

Moving from Seattle to Los Angeles

Seattle and Los Angeles are not exactly on different sides of the country but in the course of a relocation from Seattle to Los Angeles you will have to overcome a distance of about 1,000 miles, moving from north to south along the Pacific coast. The quickest way to get to the City of Angels as well as to carry all your stuff there is by air. Regular flights along the Seattle to Los Angeles route allow you to choose the optimum time for departure and arrival. The flight is usually around two and a half hours but at least I should be direct. You'll have plenty of time to watch a movie on the plane or take a little nap. moving quote

But if you have enough time and the desire to do something unusual, something you might want to tell your children and grandchildren about, or maybe you don't want to wait that long and want to share your achievements with your friends on social networks, posting photos and videos then take your trip from Seattle to L.A.... by car.

The road along the highway will take about 17 hours so you will need to plan ahead how much time per day you would want to drive and how long you would like to spend looking at the cities and amazing scenery through which you will pass. The duration of your trip will pretty much depend on this. But regardless of whether you make it last 3 days or 3 weeks, if you have the opportunity, you will have all the time in the world to enjoy the sights and visit new places. After all, the West coast has some of the best scenery in the whole country.

Before you leave and regardless of whether you plan to self-drive or have a company take care of it for you just make sure that all you belongings are securely packaged, and ready to be transported. Should you require it there are always storage options available meaning you can enjoy your trip and worry about brining the rest of it down at a later date.

About three hours after the start of your journey you will find yourself in the wonderful and interesting city of Portland. The danger of this place lies in the fact that there are many attractions that are worth being seen. Even if you've never been to Portland, the streets and houses of the city may seem familiar to you, perhaps because they are often the location for scenes from movies and popular TV series.

Portland is a unique city in that it has quite a lot of vegetation on the streets (and when I say vegetation I do mean trees bushes and flower beds and not carrots and broccoli) meaning that Portland often receives awards for being the greenest town in America (or one of them). It is also a place famous for its street food so there is always something good to grab on the go. In fact it is so good that both US News and CNN named Portland the best city in the world for street food. The number of retail outlets offering food outside reached over 500 in 2010 so there is no end of choice around to cater to what you fancy. These outlets are scattered throughout the city, contributing to the appearance of the city and often appearing in television programs.

If you want to make a stop in Medford, pay careful attention to the parks of the city. In fact some of the beautiful parks in the city, such as Alba, Bear Creek, The Commons, Roxy Ann Peak and Prescott Park have been awarded for being the best urban parks. A small, or if you have the time then a long, walk in the fresh air will help you to rest and relax after being in the car.

Another major city that you might visit during your move from Seattle to Los Angeles is Sacramento. It is here that the world's largest railway museum, "The California State Railroad Museum" and the Crocker Art Museum are located. More than just that there are eighty Sacramento parks which are open to visitors. The biggest of them, the "William Land Park", covers an area of 96 hectares and includes a golf course and a zoo, which has a collection of over 450 different species of animals and birds.

But these are only a small part of the interesting cities you can visit and sights you can see when moving from Seattle to Los Angeles. To be honest, there is so much that it boils down to individual taste as to the best route and no matter what way you go there are always thousands of great photos and videos opportunities to delight your family and friends with, just don't forget to charge your camera.

By the time you are safely in your new home you will be ready for a rest so be sure to spend a little time walking through the city itself. Perhaps you should start with something very relaxing like resting on the beach or swimming. There are dozens of beaches of Los Angeles that will help you with that. The most popular beaches are Manhattan Beach with the long walkway and stunning views of the Santa Monica Bay, or Dockweiler Beach where you can make a camp fire or for children there is always Redondo, the perfect beach for families with children. But no matter what - Enjoy yourself.

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