Moving from Seattle to San Diego

Moving from Seattle  to San Diego

Relocation from Seattle to San Diego can be called a real journey as you enjoy every scenic beauty the west coast has to offer from the Canadian to the Mexican border, and every mile will bring you closer to one of the most beautiful resorts on the Pacific and to the city which is called the "365 days of complete delight". With almost unlimited employment opportunities and a variety of entertainment San Diego really is the glory of the south and one of the most beautiful and livable cities. So, what will moving from Seattle to San Diego mean for you?  household moving goods

First of all, the unique, near-perfect climate with an average annual temperature of 68 °F, clean air and miles of sandy beaches. We went out of our way to count it and found that San Diego has 70 miles of usable, accessible beaches and I'm sure you will agree that this is impressive! You also get beautiful nature, numerous gardens and parks, theaters, museums and universities. So if you ever think you won't have things to do to entertain you well you would be very wrong. San Diego is a tourist hotspot meaning that there is entertainment to be found in all quarters of the city and in the surrounding regions. To the West are the beaches, the East has the desert scenery and to the north is theme park heaven. South is a little trickier because you are soon in Mexico but for the adventurous spirit a trip across the border is a delight unto itself.

When it comes to education the city has several major universities to choose from as well as The Scripps Institution of Oceanography. The motto of the Institute reads as follows: "To seek, teach, and communicate scientific understanding of the oceans, atmosphere, Earth, and other planets for the benefit of society and the environment". And if you are not inspired by that well I would be lost for words.

Indeed, San Diego is a great place to explore the oceans and their wildlife. The rocky and quaint coastlines near the city are just full of life from crabs, anemones, hermit crabs to larger sea creatures such as dolphins and whales and many other animals. In addition, a small population of wild fur seals and sea lions live in La Jolla and are a popular tourist destination. Out of the water there is a large population of pelicans and all kinds of wild ducks living along the coastline. Not only students but also professional photographers come here to study the behavior of these animals and birds, or capture their grace for popular magazines and websites. So if photography is your thing then here is the ideal location for you. And even if you are not a photographer you will be inspired by the natural beauty.

In winter, from December to March, the California gray whales that come to breed in the Mexican waters swim along the coast. During walks by the water or on a boat in the ocean, you can see the water fountains, shiny backs and powerful tails flapping as they swim along. It is important however not come up too close to them both for conservation and safety as these great beasts are migrating all the way up to Alaska.

People who have moved from Seattle to San Diego note that the city is the perfect place for a family holiday. Fans of outdoor activities will find an infinite number of hiking trails in city parks and in the mountains surrounding San Diego. There are wonderful views of the city and of the coastline here. Fans of shopping will find many shops and a wide variety of goods and those who love a tasty meal will appreciate the original cuisine of San Diego. In fact the city has more than two thousand restaurants and cafes with a variety of culinary trends: European, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Korean and of course Mexican. The local cuisine is of course a synthesis of American and Mexican menus and in my opinion the best in the country. One of its main features is the abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as the use of different kinds of herbs and spices. A good example of this is the salad with avocado and oranges cooked with peanut butter. Or fish that is seasoned with a variety spicy sauces. The food here is so good that it should really give the city a new nickname like "the culinary fusion city" but Americas finest city will have to do for now.

To celebrate the successful completion of your Seattle to San Diego trip I recommend that you order and try the local cuisine. Enjoy a stuffed sweet pepper or carne asada which is sliced steak strips, served in a tortilla. Delicious. And of course being so close to Mexico you simply must try the guacamole (avocado paste) with corn chips, and of course, fajitas, tacos and burritos and the variety of seafood. As for drinks, fruit juices and soft drinks, as well as iced tea and coffee are the most popular here. Bars also offer great California wines and many cocktails that have become part of the lifestyle of San Diego residents.

            So delight all your senses with a move from Seattle to San Diego and experience the beauty and wonder of this great city.

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