Help me move! – Best self-organization tips for relocation

Moving can be made easy, if you only know how to organize… YOURSELF. Your house or your things is not a problem, if you can pull yourself together and timely get to work on it. So, get busy and start by sorting things out in your mind and setting them to order. Once you know what is to be move, what is important and how to handle all the issues, you can start applying that knowledge and prepare for the move. 

Tip #1: Write things down 

Get a notebook and a pen and start mapping things out. Do not even try to hold it all in your head. There is a 100% guarantee you would forget something or mess things up. So, make a WRITTEN plan of your move from Las Vegas to San Francisco. And start ahead of time; give yourself at least 2-3 months to figure things out. 

Start by writing down your moving date and setting timelines for relocation from Las Vegas to San Francisco. Getting a clear idea on the timeframes would lead you up to the next tip. 

Tip #2: Make a moving checklist

Write down all the tasks you need to perform for a hassle free move. Then, prioritize them, break the time down into weeks and write a week by week checklist for you to follow. It may start with sorting things out and giving away they stuff you are not planning to move, etc. 

Tip #3: Organize your family 

Once you get self-organized, you can assign tasks to other family members and get them posted on your plans. Do not try to do it all on your own. Let the kids and your spouse to have their share of work. Create separate moving from Las Vegas to San Francisco checklists for each of them and trace down their progress. 

Tip #4: Make a packing list and prioritize

Some things can be packed right away. If you are moving in the summer, start packing up the winder stuff and vice versa. Start with your garage, storage areas and closets. Eliminate all the unnecessary packing by donating, giving away or throwing away the things you really do not need to move. This would also make your moving more affordable. Decide on the order of packing to do and set deadlines for it to be done. 

Tip #5: Come up with your labeling system 

Moves are the things where many of the “what-ifs” take place. What if I urgently need to find something I have packed away? What if I move over and need certain things? How do I find them? You can provide your answers to many of such questions, if you do proper labeling. You may pack up and label room by room. Use different colors, stickers or markers for that purpose. Sign every box you pack, make an inventory of your boxes, number them and state brief description on what’s in it. 

This way unpacking can be made easy. You can just carry the right boxes into the right rooms and find everything you need and any time you need it! 

These 5 tips would help you move and get it done effectively, in a DIY fashion and save money!