Long distance moving

Long distance moving Relocation over a long-distance essentially is no different from moving house over a short distance. As always it starts with deciding which things you want to transport and what you don't. You will need to plan in advance how you want to arrange your furniture in your new house to avoid having to re-hire workmen to rearrange bulky cabinets or move the sofa to another floor.

Usually, however, it is fair to say that long distance movers worry about the upcoming move more than those who move, for example, within the same city or state. Why is this? Of course the key to everything is the distance. It hints ... no, it requires that nothing can be forgotten or left to chance. Returning for forgotten boxes of photographs that stood quietly in the back room during the whole packing and loading turmoil can be quite problematic, I can assure you that there is nothing worse than sitting down in your new home 5or 6 states away or even in a whole other country and suddenly realize what has happened. household goods

We encourage you to find a reliable moving company that will take over the main concerns of packing, loading and transportation. Just make sure that they keep you informed of everything they do. Call to several companies to understand which of your moving companies quotes suit you best and always check your moving company quotes carefully. Never just take the first one without checking others.

Specialists from companies that offer long distance moving services have a number of secrets that will make your move a much more enjoyable experience. The most important advice that we always give to our customers is to make a list of things you want to take with you. Of course it is not necessary to enter every specific detail.

That is, instead of "nail scissors", "nail file", "red nail polish", "protective serum for strengthening nails," "shower gel in a yellow tube", "sponge" you should just write "Bathroom products” or “cosmetics". And after that - pay attention this is important! - Put everything in one box and label it "Cosmetics" or "Toiletries". It may sound simple as you read this but you would be surprised at how easy a simple thing is to forget when you are under the pressure of a long distance move.

A few days before moving you need to stock up on a sufficient number of boxes unless your hired moving company that will supply them. If you do not know where to get moving specific boxes - give us a call, we can help. We offer a full range moving services, long distance included.

Our experts will help you prepare your stuff for transportation over long distances. How does this happen? Here is an example: they will remove the curtains from all rooms, put them into big packages and dismantle curtains that will be wrapped in special film. Small curtain fasteners will be wrapped in paper or film and attached with tape to the curtains. So all the little fixtures will be close ready for when they will be reconnected later. It also means you don't have to hunt around for them.

Next is packing furniture. To do this, remove all removable furniture handles and wrap them in stretch film and fix then inside cabinets or tables. Relocation specialists will remove shelves and other parts that are not attached to furniture and they will label them to know which cabinet/item they belong to.

Next, cabinets and upholstered furniture that can not be moved fully assembled will be disassembled and packed in professional packaging. All of this will be done still in the house, so the furniture will be kept safe not only during transport but also during its removal from the house and which loading into the truck.

After that, all the furniture will be shipped. Large furniture will go first. Boxes, bags and small things will be stowed later.

Remember we told you that you need to compile a list of all the things that you want to take with you? Precisely during the loading you will need to mark on your checklist all those items and boxes that were shipped. So nothing can be forgotten. Once loading is complete, check around the house one more time.