Packing tips for moving fragile items

Packing can be a dull task, but it still has to be done and done well. It’s such a pity to break your valuable dishes or vases during the move from Atlanta to Miami. So, get armed with these tips and simplify the task for yourself. 

-Get tough boxes

Not all the packing boxes are the same. Some of them are made out of a thinner cardboard. This means they are not fit for packing heavy glass items. The bottom can easily break and all the dishes or cups in one box can get broken. So, pick such things as dish barrels or special thick cardboard ones to keep your breakables safe.

-Double tape the box bottom

Even the strongest box may give away at the bottom. So, use some duct tape to add several layers there and make sure nothing would fall down and get lost. 

-Label your boxes

Moving from Atlanta to Miami breakables, you do need to mark and label all the boxes, so the movers from Atlanta to Miami would know they contain fragile stuff. Use colorful post-it paper or markers, so your labeling would not be missed. 

-Use special boxes for cups

There are smaller and larger ones with special inside compartments. You just put your cups, vases or glasses in and they are separated and kept safe and sound. No need to wrap every cup in socks or paper. It makes packing so much easier and safer. 

-Get all the packing materials you need

The list may include such things as bubble wrap, packing paper, packing peanuts or packing tape and duct tape. And, the boxes, of course. 

-Use your things to cut down expenses

If you cannot afford the right amount of tissue paper or bubble wrap, then just use your clothes for packing breakables. That works well if you have a long-distance relocation to handle. Use your socks or tops to pack up cups and glasses. Use sweaters or towels for the places and dishes. 

-Start ahead of time 

You do need a good amount of time to prepare and pack up everything properly. So, engage your whole family in the process and plan everything ahead of time. 

These moving tips would help you relocation from Atlanta to Miami safely and avoid being sorry over broken pieces of your favorite china.