Storage Are you about to relocate, but do not know where to leave those excess belongings that you don't yet have space for? Would you like to update the interior of the house but you are afraid that the smell of paint will soak into your sofa for a long time or worse still, be spilled on it? Then take advantage of home storage. These rentable secure facilities are the ideal place in which to place your belongings for either short or long term giving you the opportunity to deal with your relocation or renovations without any additional hassle. Storage can also make the process of relocation or renovation less expensive, less labor intensive and more time efficient for those very busy people out there.  moving quote

Self-storage is a set of small boxes, rooms, garages or mini-warehouses leased for a limited period, usually by month but sometimes on a weekly basis. Those belonging to moving companies are designed specifically for storing personal belongings (furniture, clothing, motor vehicles, etc.), for both individuals and family units and the property of commercial organizations. The situation where your home or office does not contain enough space to store some of your more bulky items is not as rare as you might think. In my experience the furniture of one house rarely fit into another especially in the case of downsizing or places in need of renovation.

The general storage service idea was borrowed from the banking system, where money, securities, jewelry and valuables are deposited in well-protected bank vaults and personal safes. This system also proved to be excellent for storing handbags and suitcases of clothes out of season, boxes of books, bicycles, antiques and furniture, which, for some reason does not fit in your house. Let's face it we have all been given things by relatives that just don't fit with our idea of a home. I can think of nothing worse than a gold lion footed antique wooden dining table in a chic ultra modern minimalist house.

If you have planned your move and find that you have a little more than you expected then there is always the small storage option. Generally this can be for as little as a shoe box up to a full moving box but it can provide a safe place when it is needed.

Our company offers a wide array of storage services - we will make sure that your belongings are securely stored during your relocation or renovation or even if you just need some storage for other reasons. How can you use this service? Call us to discuss how many things, and what size you would like to deposit and we will offer you the most suitable options for you for the required period.

The best part is that in order to get the items that you are giving us for safe keeping to the storage facility you do not have to worry delivery. The employees of our company will arrive at your house, they will gently pack the necessary things, load them onto the truck and they will be taken to the warehouse. All done quickly and quietly. Or you can bring and pick up your property at a time convenient for you.

After the completion of your move, you can call us and we will arrange delivery and the installation of your belongings in your new place of residence. If desired, you can select what kind of things you would like to take from the warehouse or order a custom delivery of chosen property. Depending on the kind of storage lease you have will allow for different levels of return and take. Self-storage facilities generally allow customers to come and go as they please where as secure warehouse facilities will require either an agreed time or proof of identity on arrival.

We offer reasonable storage prices, as well as discounts for our customers. All material valuables entrusted to us will be returned in the form in which they are received at the warehouse. With this service, dozens of our customers save hundreds of square meters of space in their homes, apartments and offices.