Moving to Boston

Moving to Boston

If you have decided it is time for a change, a new career, perhaps or just moving closer to family, then maybe a relocation to Boston is just what you need. You might be interested to know that Boston was once the largest city in British colonial America right up to the middle of the 18th century when the title was passed to New York. Before the war of 1812, the city of Boston was one of the world's major commercial ports. Rum, fish, salt and tobacco were among the major exports from this port with tea and other luxuries from Europe arriving here along with large populations of migrants seeking a better future. This rich economic history of mercantilism meant that the descendants of old Boston families became the new country's economic elite. Towards the end of the 19th century Boston began an economic rejuvenation focused on industrial production, which began to develop rapidly. But this was not to last and after a short period of decline in the early twentieth century the city returned to its roots and regained its status as an intellectual, technological and political center.    household goods

Nowadays Boston is one of the largest cities in the New England. It is also one of the oldest and richest cities in all of the United States. This also gives rise to one of its nicknames - the Olde Towne. Boston also has the nickname of 'Beantown', given to it by sailors who visited, thanks to baked beans being the region dish. I guess not all nicknames are flattering.

If you are looking to find a residence with charm, character and soul then you are in luck. Boston has them all and more. There are fashionable neighborhoods represented by dense rows of single-family houses and cobblestone streets with gas lighting. There are also areas with modern skyscrapers which are full of apartments with huge windows where the panorama of the city lights shine and the noises of the city are left far below you. But if you are looking for something more modest and family orientated then Boston's leafy suburbs is the place for you. Located barely outside the city center these picturesque back streets are like the kind you only see in movies.

If you are thinking that Boston is just another big city with tourists then think again, Boston is more than just big city buildings next to old world charm. The city is also packed full of recreational facilities and endless entertainment. Countless Museums, historic sites and an abundance of live performances are just some of the reasons why more than 16 million visitors come to Boston each year. Thanks to them, Boston is constantly rated in the top ten for most popular tourist destination in the country. Those that have never been want to come and those who have been before want to return and some stay and never leave. Museums in Boston are simply wonderful. For example, The Museum of Fine Arts is one of the largest art museums in the United States. Here is housed an impressive collection of American realists and impressionists, French impressionists and post-impressionists and I can assure you it will leave a profound impression on anyone. The Museum of Science is a very popular choice for families and contains more than 500 interactive exhibits, live demonstrations, The Charles Hayden Planetarium and the Mugar Omni IMAX theatre.

But before you rush out and buy your tickets to Boston and even while you are considering the prospect of moving you should also think about financial matters. If you live in small town America and want to move to Boston you need to understand that Boston can be a more expensive city to live in, especially if you want to live in the really historic parts. Analysts say that the cost of living is among the highest in the United States. But that is not as much as a negative as you might think because at the same time, Boston is one of the most developed cities in the US and hence wages are significantly higher here and there is always ample opportunities for employment either in the trade sector or tourism.

Lastly is the weather. Situated on the Atlantic coast means that summertime temperatures are often a lot lower than average for America. If you are moving to Boston from Alaska then get ready to be hot but if you come from Texas then maybe bring an extra jumper. The average daily temperature in Boston for July is only 82°F. This is due to the fact that Boston is located in the continental climate, and being coastal means the potential for winds and rain. This also means that winter tends to be windy, snowy and cold. But before you start to panic about the weather remember that the coldest it is ever likely to get is about 21°F, even in January.

A quick word of advice for anyone thinking about head to Boston: People from 'Titletown' love their sports so prepare to have your life perforated by screams of victory from this town's many dominating sports teams. All Bostonians are proud of the three mains things here in Boston; their teams, their history and their city.

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