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Charlotte is a surprisingly successful metropolis located in the eastern United States and is the largest city in North Carolina. In 2010, almost 800,000 residents called central Charlotte their home. Taking into account the suburbs, the total population is more than 1.7 million people in the greater Charlotte area. Every year the population is increasing because many people are finding that a move to Charlotte add massive improvements to their quality of life thank to its current growth.   household

Queen City, as Charlotte was nicknamed, comes from Queen Charlotte, wife of King George III of England who became queen one year before the city was founded. The city itself was built at the crossroads of two ancient trade routes, which for hundreds of years had been used by generations of Indians moving west into the mountains or to the coastal plains to the east. Today, these paths are known by the modern street names of Trade and Tryon. Where these 2 greats street cross is the center of Charlotte and divides the city into four administrative districts.

After that, the city grew and was built up with every generation adding something newer, bigger and better. Charlotte's face has changed significantly since ancient times; however, some elements of the former colonial town have been preserved. These houses, now surrounded by skyscrapers, hold some of the best pubs and restaurants in town. Near the central crossroads is the 60-storey, 265-meter Bank of America Corporate Center skyscraper, the tallest building in North Carolina. This building is the headquarters for the Bank of America - the largest bank in the United States.

By the way if you're moving to Charlotte to find a job you should know that it is the second largest financial center in the country after New York. So if your current profession is related to finance, finding a good job is not difficult. The main thing is not to get lost on the way to a job interview. When you ask directions from local residents, be prepared for the confusing fact that the terms Uptown and Downtown in Charlotte mean the same central business district. That is, these two words are synonymous here, which can be very confusing.

Museums, hotels, sports arenas, restaurants and cafes are heavily concentrated in the central part of the city of Charlotte. It is the place of work for about 70,000 citizens. Museums of the city attract many tourists who come to Charlotte from all over America and even other countries.

For example, Charlotte is home to The Bechtler Museum of Modern Art. This museum is named after the Bechtler family. Andreas Bechtler's parents, as well as the man himself gathered a collection of over 1400 works of art created during the last century. Now this collection is in the museum which is visited annually by thousands of people.

Another famous tourist attraction is the Carolinas Aviation Museum, designed to impart knowledge and understanding of the importance of aviation to its visitors. The museum is located in the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport. Over 50 aircraft models are open to the public here. The main part of the collection includes aircraft from the Cold War period as well as other jet aircraft from the 50s and 60s.

If your relocation to Charlotte includes children it is worth taking them to visit Discovery Place. Even though this technology and science museum attracts many visitors of all ages it often has amazing interactive events and displays to delight and educate young children into the wonders of science. There are always new and exciting exhibits and fascinating experiments taking place here as well as regular shows with an overview of the night sky held in the planetarium. One of the latest programs of the museum is Shark Week. During this program you can get acquainted with the structure of sharks and learn exciting new things such as how they uses their fins to "walk" along the bottom of the ocean or see how much smaller you are compared to the fearsome Great White shark by standing near the screen which shows a film about this marvel of nature. And of course, let's not forget the most unforgettable spectacle - feeding time for these underwater predators.

The climate in Charlotte is pleasant enough. Some call it subtropical which means that the summer in the city is fairly classic - it's hot, it rains quite often, the nights are warm and inspires people to have romantic walks but watch out because the temperature during the day can rise to 95ºF. In general though, an average July’s temperature is 79ºF. But the good news is that winters are moderately cool in Charlotte with reasonable to fairly warm days (sometimes up to 68 ºF), but temperatures can drop to freezing and even a little below during the deep winter days. With an average temperature of January is 41ºF though even January can feel reasonably mild with few snow falls. If you are coming from a dry state then be prepared for change. Charlotte sits right in the path for moisture clouds coming from the Gulf of Mexico and gets quite a lot of rainfall per year.

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