Moving to Chicago

Moving to Chicago

There are probably a million reasons why people choose to move to Chicago. Some come for work or education and some simple come to have a great vacation or a fabulous weekend away. Whatever your reason this beautiful city on the coast of Lake Michigan attracts many people with its majesty and wonder and it is not really surprising since the "Windy City" is the economic and cultural "capital" of the region. It is also the largest city in the US Midwest and third in the country, after New York and Los Angeles.   household moving goods

In case you were wondering by the nickname, you might be surprised to find out that Chicago has no stronger winds than the average American city; after all, the extensive water surface of Lake Michigan considerably softens the weather conditions just like most lakes around the world do. Aside from the lake there are also two rivers (the Chicago River and the Calumet) which flow through the city, not to mention the extensive canal that connects the Great Lakes with the mighty Mississippi. Most people moving to Chicago soon realize that this city has a rather poetic character given over from the peculiarities of the climate.

In addition, there are variations regarding the origins of the nickname of this famous city, and it turns out that it is not related to the weather! The first time the phrase "Windy City" was used was by Charles Dana, editor of the "New-York Sun" newspaper in 1893. He was indignant at the empty speeches of American politicians during the World Columbian Exposition, an event which was only used to self promote the politicians and their ratings.

 Chicago is also known by its other nickname, the "Second City". This would imply that the city is the second economic center of the United States. But at the time of the comment it was used as a derogative term by a writer in New York laughing at the fact that Chicago was trying to be the top city in the States. This comment and name calling failed to stop the growth of the city and today Chicago is considered the most balanced and diverse place in the country. Historically, it was the favorable geographical position of the city which contributed to the development of passenger and freight traffic which promoted such giant growth. The local river port on Lake Michigan, which is connected to the sea through the channel of St. Lorenz, is the largest in the United States and has contributed greatly to the development of the city as a trading center. Quite surprisingly enough, several decades ago, the leading sector of the Chicago economy of was the meat industry. Today it has dropped into second place, behind heavy industry such as ferrous metallurgy and the chemical and engineering.

If you are thinking of heading to Chicago on a plane, it is better not to be tempted by taxis once you arrive, Take public transport, namely the ground station. It is literally ten minutes from Chicago are you will get to see one of the best sights around, the city horizon in all its glory: a truly stunning panorama, consisting of skyscrapers, the magnificent Lake Michigan and the city's many parks.

I can't say it enough the panorama is really amazing. The architecture of Chicago is so unusual that experts speak of the "Chicago school" of building. It is a city of skyscrapers. It was here in 1884, shortly after the "Great Chicago Fire", the first ever true high-rise building with a bearing metal frame was built. But while the Home Insurance Building, a building with 10 floors and a height of 42 meters was the first true skyscraper it was never the tallest in the world, or even Chicago for that matter. This construction has given rise to a fashion for skyscrapers, which rapidly spread throughout the world. These days the high-rise landscape of Chicago is comparable in density development only with Manhattan.

Despite the fact that all sorts of sites and tourist booklets are filled with information about Chicago ... having made your relocation to Chicago, you'll realize that even after reading them you know absolutely nothing about this city. Chicago is a city of such diversity that as soon as you focus on one thing you forget a hundred others. For example, Chicago is the perfect city for walking. The town is surrounded by greenery, despite the huge number of skyscrapers, industrial buildings, monuments and other buildings. Almost a third of its area is occupied by gardens, squares and parks. It is especially beautiful it is on the embankment with its flower gardens, cobbled paths for walking, flower beds and green parks. Chicago is divided into multiple regions, each of which has its own special uniqueness. Today there are over 100 districts of Chicago. The Neighborhood Loop is the central business district of the city. It is home to most of the city's museums and theaters, as well as a first-class shopping on State Street. Most skyscrapers are located precisely near the Loop. In addition to the Loop region the rivers divide Chicago into three main parts: North Side, West Side and South Side. So plan now and become part of America's dream city.

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