Moving to Denver

Moving to Denver

Denver is a fairly common direction to move in. Many people come to the largest city and capital of the State of Colorado to find a job in this city or to enroll in educational institutions. Is no coincidence that, according to statistics from 2007, Denver is a city with one of the lowest unemployment rates in the US at only 3.8%.  household

Denver itself is located right in the middle of the US between the Rocky Mountains on the west and the High Plains on the east. The city covers an area of over 400 square kilometers and is located 1609 meters above sea level. From this people have taken to calling it the "Mile High City". Today more than 600 thousand people live at an altitude over one mile up.

One interesting story about the naming of the city concerns gold prospectors from Kansas. It is said that they gave the name Denver to the city in honor of the governor of Kansas, in the hopes of gaining political advantages. But it wasn't to be as by that time the governor has left his post (the miners did not know). Historically, the city is also known as the Queen City of the Plains and the Queen City of the West because of the important role it played in the development of the agricultural industry in the High Plains region of eastern Colorado.

Planning a move to Denver is pretty easy. The favorable geographical position has made this city a convenient logistics hub for both East-West traffic and North-South. The city has an active airport, railway stations and the region is littered with major road junctions and a developed public transport system. So getting around has never been easier, for you or your baggage. In fact Denver is a lot like Rome in the fact that all roads lead there.

But what about employment and education? I hear you ask. Well, it is not only young people and families making the trip to Denver but also companies who specialize in trade and transport services. Currently, Denver is one of the best locations in the country to start a business in the logistics sector or find a great position in one. But the city and region is more than just a crossroads. Its position in the country is ideal for many different industries, such as aviation, space, missile defense, chemical works, printing and food manufacture. The status of the state capital and the transport junctions of the region have made Denver the great place to set up company headquarters and many federal authorities have already done so providing great jobs and opportunities for a fabulous new career. Along with the various agencies of Colorado and the city, they provide jobs for more than 15% of residents and attract numerous other companies in the city every day. Among the most prominent companies who reside here are Mountain States Telephone & Telegraph Company, Gates (the world's largest producer of industrial belts, based in South Denver from 1919), Village Inn (a fast-food chain, with a wide range of distinctive morning menus), Kroger (supermarket chain founded in 1883), Lockheed Martin (a company specializing in the field of aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding, automation of postal services and airport logistics) and Ball Aerospace (manufacturer of spacecraft, systems and components for defense and commercial application). These are just a small fraction highlighting the success of Denver and how it continues to grow from strength to strength.

Worried about the state of education in the region? Then worry no more. Many school graduates come to Denver to get an education and one of the most popular universities in the city, the University of Denver is the oldest private university in the Rocky Mountains region. With more than 11 000 students enrolled every year the University has positioned itself as the alma mater that brings together creative and independent thinkers working for the public good to make Denver and Colorado the best state around. More than just study universities Denver also has a number of institutes and research centers in operation including the famous Conflict Resolution Institute, the Intermodal Transportation Institute, the Institute for Public Policy Studies ad the Center for Judaic Studies and Edward W. & Charlotte A. Estlow International Center for Journalism and New Media.

So if you are thinking about moving to Denver, it looks like it might a great idea. So if you are looking for that big open sky kind of home then Denver has what you need. One of the joys about a city high in the mountains is how clean the air is and how you can see for miles and miles around from almost anywhere. And the very best part about Denver's location is the fact that no matter where you are coming from being in the center of the country means you have access to the rest of it, whenever you need. For those people already planning their relocation to Denver don't forget to factor stops to admire the scenery into your journey time. We guarantee that it will happen and you will be awestruck!

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