Moving to Detroit

Moving to Detroit

Detroit is a city with an ambiguous history. It had its ups and downs but more than any other city in the States the fluctuations of Detroit have been felt the county over and whatever people may have thought about Detroit, it has always been a city that does not leave you feeling indifferent.  moving quote

The location of the Detroit is simply perfect for trade and development. It is located on the banks of the river with the same name as itself - Detroit and sits right on the border between the United States and Canada. The Detroit River connects Lake St. Clair to Lake Erie and is not only navigable throughout but is also an important waterway in the region. Translated from French the name of both city and river means "strait", as in river straits. The largest settlements on the river are the city of Detroit in the US and Windsor in Canada. They are connected by the Ambassador Bridge and the Detroit-Windsor tunnel.

Ambassador Bridge is the longest suspension bridge connecting the two countries and at 2286 meters in length it was from 1929 to 1931 ranked as the longest bridge in the world in terms of main span (564 meters). The bridge is also the busiest section of the US and Canada border over which more than 25% of trade between the countries travels. Every day, almost a billion dollars in trade passes over this bridge. If you are planning to move to Detroit from Canada, it is likely that your path will lie across this bridge.

Looking back the history of Detroit there are several distinct periods, which may be called the "golden age" of the city. At least one such period lasted for almost a century. After its founding by the French in 1701, the city developed quickly enough. Already by 1765 the population had become almost as large as that of the largest French settlements in America at the time - Montreal and St. Louis.

The second phase of Detroit prosperity was in the middle and the end of the 19th century. At that time, people called Detroit the "Paris of the West" for the splendid architecture found throughout the city and specifically thanks to Washington Boulevard, which was brightly lit by Edison lamps. Its favorable location on the waterway of the Great Lakes has made the city a major transportation hub which led to a major shipbuilding economy boom.

The twentieth century also provided years of glory and prosperity for Detroit. But this time it was not ship but the rise of automobiles. Henry Ford built an automobile factory near Detroit, and in 1903 the Ford Motor Company was founded. As an interesting side note he was also the first person to introduce conveyor assembly production lines. And so the legendary Model T was born, right here in Detroit. Such was the popularity of the motor industry in Detroit that many other manufacturers followed suit and set up factories in and around this city. Companies such as General Motors, Chrysler and American Motors soon opened their headquarters right here and very quickly Detroit turned into the automobile capital of the world.

These days Detroit is still the place where US automakers like to have their headquarters and each year, the North American International Auto Show is held in this city. About a million people come to Detroit to get acquainted with hundreds of models of production vehicles and dozens of concept cars. At the present time it is impossible to imagine the modern world without a car showroom in Detroit. NAIAS is still so popular that it is one of the leading factors contributing to the development of business activity in the region.

Now that it is the 21st century outside, I wonder what new amazing inspiration Detroit will unleash on the world.

I bet you are now wondering why a relocation to Detroit doesn't mean going to a dirty industrial city. Well if you were to ask me 20 or even 50 years ago then I would have been lost for words but modern Detroit is a different brand altogether. After the decline of industrialization and the drift of the population to spread out suburbs the city was in trouble. But Detroit is a city which knows how to succeed and following a re-brand of the city center towards trade and entertainment the growth has been astounding. The riverfront revitalization project is key testament to that. In fact the rejuvenation of many sports grounds and cultural buildings has drawn many events back to the city.

If you are planning on moving to Detroit then it is advisable to check the neighborhood you are moving to beforehand. The city is still in the process of regeneration and many places are still in need of attention. This can work to your benefit however as property prices in development areas are still at an all time low meaning there are bargains to be had if you don't mind rebuilding work going on around you. There are still many choices of newly recreated suburbs boasting brand new facilities and entertainment as well as shopping centers and business districts. So take your time, look around and a bright future could await you.

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