Moving to Jacksonville

Moving to Jacksonville

Jacksonville. The Bold New City of the South and largest city by area in the main 48 States. It is also the most populous city in the state of Florida. But biggest does not necessarily mean busiest as Jacksonville only ranks 12th in terms of population in the United States. It may surprise you to know that Jacksonville has been the chosen place of people for thousands of year with even the earliest settlers moving to Jacksonville to start a new life. By the time the Europeans came to this region the native people were already very successful taking advantage of the location along the rive and sea coast alike. To give you an idea why modern people are still coming to this area let's get acquainted with some of its features and positive aspects to understand why they have chosen this city.   household goods

The city received its name in honor of Andrew Jackson, the first military governor of Florida and later president of the USA. You often see his portrait as he is depicted on contemporary $20 American banknotes. Jackson is considered one of the founders of the Democratic Party, and became the first elected president as the candidate of this party. He was a political supporter of libertarianism, a philosophy which is based on a total ban on "aggressive violence", i.e. a ban on the use of force or threats to another person or his property against the will of that person. Through his activities, Jackson tried to minimize government intervention in the economy and politics.

Over the years the St. Johns River has played a significant role in the development of Jacksonville, which is an important transport artery of the region. It is the longest river in Florida with a length of almost 500 kilometers. The river and the surrounding swamps are inhabited by many species of flora and fauna with a large number of rare birds living in the local forests and on the banks of the river. There are even one or two dangerous animals present; in fact there are quite a lot of alligators here. So if you have always dreamed of working in or owning an exotic farm, then a relocation to Jacksonville makes that dream very possible. This region is home to many alligators farms supplying global demands. As a side note, Florida is the only place in the world where alligators and crocodiles co-exist together. It has been estimated that the number of alligators in the state is over the 1 million mark so just be careful with your choice of picnic spots on riverbanks away from civilization.

In the 1910s the city was incredibly popular among filmmakers. They were attracted by the warm climate, exotic scenery and the proximity of the railway and cheap labor. At the beginning of the century more than 30 silent film studios moved to Jacksonville. The city even received the nickname of Winter Film Capital of the World. Later, Hollywood became the capital of movies, but the tradition of film making in Jacksonville has not disappeared. Many well-known films, television series and TV shows have been filmed here and this tradition is kept alive by the local people who enjoy visiting the numerous cinemas, theaters and concert halls of the city - evidence that the art continues to play an important role here.

Nowadays, the local economy is balanced and diversified based on manufacturing, finance, insurance, biomedicine, information services, ship repair, handling and shipping industries and tourism. At the same time the military operate several major bases nearby and are the largest employer in the region. For example Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base, located to the north of Jacksonville, is where the majority of the US submarine fleet is based. The Important Naval Station, Mayport, is also located only 20 km from downtown Jacksonville at the mouth of the St. Johns River. But before you wonder about the point of all these installations I should tell you that the total economic returns from the presence of the military in Jacksonville accounts for more than $6 billion annually meaning that the city and region is constantly well funded and improving making it one of the nicest places in the whole country.

Tourism is also an important sector of the economy. About 10% of jobs in the region are directly or indirectly linked with tourism. In 2008, Jacksonville was visited by more than 2.8 million tourists.

I'm sure than anyone wanting to move to Jacksonville is wondering what such a city could look like. Well let me tell you that Jacksonville is one of the best examples of where old meets new. While walking around the city you can explore many historic neighborhoods filled with colonial style architecture, as well as new ones filled with modern design glass and steel construction. Almost all of the attractions are concentrated along the river. Shops, restaurants and historical buildings are mainly on the north bank with museums and parks on the south. Between them you will constantly find boat taxis scurrying about, which will quickly take you from one bank to another. One of the best views around can be found right here in Jacksonville but you will have to stand on the river banks to see it. 

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